Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shaniqua and the Pronouns

When WOWT's bumbling management, in their zeal to double the number of non-caucasian reporters at the Big Six, hired under-qualified reporter Maniko Barthalemy, they must have known this kind of sentence was coming. Teasing one of her several inconsequential live reports on Saturday morning, Shaniqua said, "If a student can't see in class, it can make it harder for he or she to focus."

Maybe hiring she wasn't such a good idea.


Omababe said...

Like you, my eyes roll when Maniko begins her report. Yes, a bumbling amateur (as of September, 2006).

However, I do see somebody who has a lot of potential going for her. She has youth, she has drive, and I can see that actually she is very bright.

Big Sicks is using her, yes, two quotas in one (DING!), and during her tenure here they appear to be grooming her to fail. :(

I'll address the rest of this to Maniko personally, since I'm sure somebody in the Big Sicks newsroom reads this, if she does not herself ...

Maniko, get some professional voice coaching. You need it. You know you need it, and your employer does too. If they are not providing this for you, they are not investing in the success of their talent, and you should seek this privately. There's nothing to be ashamed of with this. It's widely known, for example, that Linda Ellerbee sought the help of a voice coach in the past.

Second, adopt a professional (stage) name. I know you're proud of your name and of your heritage, but you need to package yourself to sell. Most reporters and anchors use 3-4 sylable names. (If it matters, my name is recognizably ethnic and is mispronounced by others more than it is pronounced correctly. I'm proud of it. I kept it when I got married, but if I were in broadcast, I would use a professional name.)

Third, get a private agent and studio (not your current employer) to work with you and make you some dynamite demo tapes. (This after 1 and 2 above.) :) You don't want to stick with an employer who is using you to satisfy quotas and not investing in you. You want to move on, either in this market or in a step up.

Please pass this on to Maniko. :)

damnyankee said...

I must confess, I was a big Maniko critic and would cringe to see her try to do a live bit. But I think she has made great progress. Seems to me - the truly average joe local news watcher, that she just needs to relax and not try so hard. Is she the best reporter in town, no. But she's moved up quite a bit in the rankings and is by far not the worst.

I don't think it helps that she truly seems to get the wrost stories to report on too. Probably not much we can do about that.

I don't see the name, or the "ethnicity" being a problem. there are reporters with multi-syllabic names around that do just fine. If she were hispanic, no one would complain about her "accent" so for me that's not an issue either.

As far as an agent/coach/consultant I think ALL the local folks would benefit. Keep up the good work Maniko, you're doing great with what that loser station has given you.

Obbop said...

"If a student can't see in class, it can make it harder for he or she to focus."

The lass has a firm grasp of the obvious.

Of course, she may be merely reading the words written by others.

And, she is young. With practice she should do better.

Oh to be a young excruciatingly handsome alpha male again. I would have shunned the overseas military duty but, I was brainwashed then, believing I was serving the USA when, in fact, I was serving the elite class and assisting BIG corporations in protecting their overseas business interests.

Yes, young and stoopid.

Returned to the "Real World" and hopped into a semi-truck so I could see the USA.

Sigh.... I coulda' gone to school and learned all them BIG fancy words on the teleprompter and I KNOW I coulda' done a better job than most of the babblers I see babbling away on the TV thing.

Hey!!!! Ain't nobody lambasting Justice.... Travis Justice... lately.

Sure glad you meanies quit picking on my little buddy.

Carry on

loganXY said...

Speaking of voice challenged, has anyone seen this bozo doing KPTM's web reports?

Damon Scott Hynes said...

"Shaniqua and the Pronouns"-- I saw them open up for Head East at the old Civic in 1981...

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