Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weide Gets Scoop on Meuret

In his blog, The Reader's Media Notes, Sean Weide reports that former KETV reporter Trisha Meuret has taken a job in communications with Omaha jeweler Borsheim's.

Weide also includes information on KETV's attempts to fill the gap left by the departure of veteran reporter Tom Elser. For the time being, former intern Kailyn Reid has been enlisted to do some reporting until a permanent replacement can be found.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Looks like 7 will be spreading their people pretty thin. Suzanne Deyo looks like she could pop any day now, so she'll be out a few weeks. I just saw a promo on about Chuck McWilliams going to Iraq, so they'll need someone to replace him. Rose Ann Shannon better get off her ass and do some hiring. Of course, she'll have to find someone who doesn't mind dressing up in fashion-unconscious clothing (like Deyo and Cornell) and/or slapping on gobs of clown make-up (again, like Deyo and Cornell). Oh, and I guess the replacements should have a little talent. Or maybe not. This IS Omaha, after all.

Melanie said...

Sean Weide Kicks ass

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