Monday, August 28, 2006

Such an Easy Target

How can anyone not love the Onion? It's even more lovable when it mocks local news claims of "non-stop news" and other such hype-laden bullshit. Or is it bullshit-laden hype?

10 O’Clock News Team Relying Heavily On Work Of 6 O’Clock News Team

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Obbop said...

Felt sorry for this post... days go by with zero replies.

How sad.


So, here you go, little post, a reply for thee.

Since I am moving my pudgy fingers across the board of keys.... I HAVE to mention the lameness of the national news broadcast.... the one with that Katoe Couric entity babbling away.

WHY WHY WHY WHY on national news is there a story about the vile spawn of a couple Hollywood overpaid idiots?

I felt as if I was watching Entertainment Tonight!!!!!

So many serious topics to cover but the mass media, owned by the wealthy ruling elites, wants to divert our attention!!!!

All is well!!!! Be happy!!!!! Fun fun fun fun!!!!!!

Ignore the multitude of problems facing you as individuals, our society and the country as a whole.

I truly believe there are dire times ahead.

Just wait for the ever-growing population to reach the predicted ONE-BILLION in a hundred years or so.

For the minute few aware of the increasing shortages of natural resources..... well, ever see, read or hear of "Soylent Green"?

An incredibly complex topic, this diminishing amount of natural resources. Combine it with many other perils facing us and.... well, I expect severe civil turmoil and the possibility that the USA will become an oligarchy or other non-republic entity wherein the vast majority of citizens are living a 2nd- or 3rd-world life style while an elite class lords over the masses akin to dictatorships seen today all across the planet.

But, cute little bubbly Katir Couric is there to entertain the huddled masses, reveling in their ignorance, concerned about fun fun fun and the next Saturday football game.

I believe it was Lincoln who said people pretty much get the government they deserve.

My message to the masses is that you deserve to be serfs, peasents, huddled sheep bleating out in misery.

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