Thursday, August 03, 2006

Selective Highs?

An alert reader raises interesting questioins below. See what you think.

Having watched both 42 and 6 last night, I'm sorry that I did. I noticed that there is sometimes a nasty discrepancy between weather related high temperatures that both Pearsol and Flowers give to the viewing public regarding the high temperature of the day. Last night's instance of this was 42 giving us the recorded high temperature of the day as 84 degrees and WOWT giving us the reading of 80 degrees. It's rather interesting that Jim Flowers had forecast a high of 80 on the nose and this was the recorded high temperature that he gave.

I've noticed this glaring discrepancy before. I don't wish to point fingers at Jim Flowers or the Channel Six weather team, but the recorded numbers have been off before when compared with 3 and 7 as well as 42. Where are they getting these numbers? I thought that they all got them from the same place. Or do they go looking for other alternatives to make themselves look better in their forecasting skills. Apparently I'm wrong on this matter. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this and if there is an explanation of this by either 6 or any of the others.


joeygrisgris said...

WHAT??? Someone questioning porn star/weatherman "Dick" Flowers information? Doesn't this fool know that any information reported on channel sux is never...and I mean NEVER...wrong? The infidel.

The Dude said...

I think I have the explaination, it was one of the rare days where the highest temp occured in the morning. At Eppley Airport the nighttime high around 3 AM on August 2 was 84, then the cool front went through and dropped the temps. Then around noon the temp rose to 80 and dropped back again making it the afternoon high. Regardless there should have been something said.

operationseng said...

I agree with "The Dude". If, as "The Dude" said, they are indeed taking a later reading, they need to make the public aware of this fact. Especially so, given the fact that the National Weather service recorded the high temperature for the day in question as 84 degrees. C'mon 6, get with the program and stop spreading misinformation.

Tóózy said...

Alert reader hasn't been that alert has he. Anyone that watches the local weather on 6 & 7 knows that Pornstache Flowers and Bill "The Joker" Randby live in fantasy worlds. They believe their graphics packages that reduce the show you're trying to watch down to the size of a commemorative postage stamp in the upper right hand of the screen is justified when there is a thunderstorm within a 100 mile radius. We grew up in the Plains/Midwest, yet these dorks think we don't have the brains to go inside when it storms.

Yes, they confuse meteorology and erotica, yeah, Meteorotica! That's the ticket! I can just here their wives making post-coital comments like "Bill, that was an F5!" and "Jim, we only got three inches!"

Obbop said...

I am just extremely grateful for broadcast channel 6 (I don't have cable) giving us the temperature for various neighborhoods around Omyhaw.

In case I decide to drive a few miles across town I can be prepared for any drastic temperature changes.

Just in case it's 20 degrees in west O while being a balmy 85 in east O.

I also adore those oh-so-helpful city-cams that show the same scene relentlessly.

The mediocrity of corporate media is spreading. Out to California (my old stomping ground) and back. Peeked at newscasts here and there. Oh so similar. So lame.

All bow down to our new overlords...corporate America. Corporations own so much of the media, print, broadcast, etc. (ignoring the small corporations that are not monolithic) as well as controlling so much of the federal government.

Revel in the Web while you can. The elite class and the corporations are tiring of the ability of us mere commoners to communicate, organize. It is inevitable that the masses' access to the Web and our own mass communication will be curtailed eventually. Monetary cost will likely be the method to muffle we, the people.

psblowshog said...


I agree with your complaint, however that is not the meteorologist's fault. The consultant research shows that the average viewer, whomever that may be, thinks that their weather is the only weather. Therefore news directors are insisting that meteorologist's make time-specific forecasts for hyperlocal areas as well as report on current conditions for numerous areas. I thought this was absurd as well until some person in my market emailed me wanting to know why we didn't report the temperature in his town because "we all know the generic temperature doesn't do us any good." When I told this viewer that he lived 5 miles from the reporting station, he didn't care and still wanted to know HIS temperature. Unfortunately, broadcasting has moved at a faster pace to a local scale before the science of meteorology could catch up. Thats why "the weatherguessers are always wrong"

rickoxo2 said...

I am willing to give the weatherguessers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the highs, but it is tough to me, watching channel sux especially, when Porn-stache is telling me the high was 92, and their little time and temp thing on the Sux logo in the corner says 96 at that very moment.

Obbop said...

"Porn-stache is telling me the high was 92, and their little time and temp thing on the Sux logo in the corner says 96 at that very moment."

Good observation.

But, to promote peace, love and understanding and since diversity is our strength and multi-culturalism is to be embraced and to promote the masses rising up and in one voice sing Kumbayah so that it rolls across the fruited plains and echoes off the purple-colored mountains can't we just, this once, ignore 4 itty bitty degrees?


Well, right thou art!!!!!

Besides, I always hated that song.

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