Monday, August 21, 2006

Saturation Pandering

Please note August 21st as the date on which we lost our patience with the bickering-through-advertising being foisted on us by U.S. Senate candidates Ben Nelson and Pete Ricketts. Enough already.

If either of these guys had any sense, he'd make an ad saying, "I know you're sick of listening to us piss and moan about each other all the time. Therefore, starting on September 1, I am pulling all my ads off the air until one week before the election. Enjoy September and October. I'll see you again around the first of November!"

No, it'll never happen, but we can dream, can't we?

Honestly, though, does it really matter which multimillionaire ends up winning this thing? Won't they both end up caving to the same lobbyists and special interests anyway?

Why don't these two take all the money they were planning to spend on TV ads and give it to some worthy charity? Or the Ted Brockman Fund for More Extravagant Living?


Obbop said...

As the national master-at-arms of the Student Revolutionary Strike Force.... a position held since 1981 since no one else wants the position....

the illustrious blubbery Obbop, the lard-laden denizen of a meager shanty who has spent a life performing the jobs that fed and housed people and whose renumeration allowed a bare subsistence-level lifestyle, hereby proclaims that both candidates are poo poo heads and either one will assuredly serve well in the federal government of for and by an elite class, BIG corporations and wealthy/powerful special interest groups.

One minute aspect of the usurption of what the Founders created. Thee and I can offer ONE meager vote.

When a politician leaves office or if a politico's family member needs a job, and if the politician was not too out of line from the corporate world's frame of reference, jobs paying HUGE wages and full benefit packages await. No promises made; the politicos know how the 100-percent legal game is played.

Why do you think Chelsea Clinton STARTED at $100,000 yearly right out of college?

Then there's the speaking circuit. When Reagen left office he set the record; two-MILLION dollars for a 15-minute speech.

"Vote the bums out," I hear the uninformed spew. Yeah, that does a lot of good. The corporations will reward the ousted ones and those entering the office know how they must behave to also reap the rewards.

So....... one vote or millions of dollars.

Now, who does the elite-owned government and the lackey puppets within extend their loyalty to?

Tóózy said...

You're delusional Ted! Anyone so cheap they would rather shave their head then cough up $7.95 at Supercuts is not going to give to charity (at least not without some sort of looking good in the corporate world recognition behind it) or give to the "Brockman Seconal and Jack Daniels Club".

On a related note, Ben's comb over is starting to look rather televangelist-ty now, isn't it?

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