Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Same Old Fubar

An alert reader informs us that Fubar Fazal, KETV's one-woman incompetence squad, was reporting from Harlan, Iowa on Wednesday night, covering the drowning at a lake there. One of her interviewees was Harlan's fire chief, whose last name is Bissen. But Fubar, rather than calling him by his given name, decided to refer to him as "Chief Harlan."

Just how bad do you have to be to get KETV management to pull your babbling ass off the air? It's not like this is WOWT, where foul-ups, bleeps, and blunders are standard procedure. If Channel 7 is serious about setting itself apart from Channel 6, it'll show Fubar the door and replace her with more talent like Kailyn Reed.


Hosh said...

You know, I probably wouldn't even be so embarrassed for her if she used his first name, but the name of the town? Wowza. She needs to stop trying so hard and just relax.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

No, this point, she needs to have her sorry ass kicked to the curb. She's had PLENTY of opportunity to raise her level of reporting to mediocre. That bud should have been nipped months ago! Maybe WOWT will hire her.

Obbop said...

"FUBAR" was an oft-used acronym during World War 2 with a lingering usage thereafter.

Funked Up Beyond All Recognition with the first word altered from a naughty word so as to show just a wee bit of class that I typically don't worry about displaying.

I can understand why the corporate entity hired the female, though. By golly two affirmative action goals in one.

I believe I could do a better job than the majority of droids I see on the TV thingy. But, I'm a fat old codger and unwilling to kow tow to the corporate structure. Might as well remain a revolutionary, prompting the befuddled sheep of this once-grat country to stand up to the political and economic entities destroying our freedoms and enslaving us.

Too bad I can't compete with the massive propaganda disseminating structures of the elite class and their HUGE corporate buddies.


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