Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reed Continues to Shine; Fazal Festers

The first five minutes of KETV's 6 p.m. news on Thursday revealed everything you need to know about Channel 7.

The station dispatched its newest star, Kailyn Reed, to cover a developing story—a collision between a car and a kid-filled schoolbus. Reed delivered a clear, stumble-free, and apparently extemporaneous report and then conversed briefly with anchor Rob McCartney. It was one of the best spot-news reports we can remember seeing on any station in Omaha.

Not long after that, McCartney turned the proceedings over to Fubar Fazal, who, surprisingly didn't screw up her assignment, which was a mop-up job on a Wednesday story—OPS's latest misplacement of a kid on a bus. For Fazal, not screwing up a worthless story is a victory. Yay, team! Fubar didn't drive us into the ditch!

We'll give credit to KETV management: they at least had the good sense to send Reed out on the live story and consign Fubar to the re-hash desk. Why not go one step further and show Fubar the door?

Honestly. How is it that someone a year removed from college can go out and slam-dunk a story with little or no preparation, while another, allegedly with years of experience in the business, can only manage adequate work on stories that are so easy, even a high schooler could do them? Yes, Reed may be exceptionally strong for a virtual rookie. But, by the same token, Fubar is unbelievably weak for a veteran.


The Dude said...

Well I've never seen both reporters on the tv but I'll give you a spin on why a rookie would do better.

She has a passion for her job and wants to get better. The good ones put forth the effort to do their best.

O-Newsie said...


Hosh said...

EEO for FF? That's not an excuse. It's not like this is basketball and you need a white guy on your team. There are plenty of talented minorities...but I guess they need to be recruited here. I would say that Maniko Bartholmew (sorry for murdering the spelling) gives consistently quality reports (I'm sure someone would've pointed out one I missed). EEO is not an excuse for hiring incompetents.

rickoxo2 said...

EEO is the reason incompetence is hired. Stick with me on this... I believe that the most qualified candidate should be hired each and every time, but in this day and age, PC takes over. You have to maintain a certain level of minorities to keep the lawyers off your back. Are you trying to sell me that Fubar was the best candidate??? Please. Places tend to hire what would fill the EEO quota first, and fill the job requirements second. This is what surprised me when channel Sux let go of Pat Persaud. They killed several birds with that stone. Now, they have "Bad-Hair" Madden in there, covering only the 'female' EEO requirement.

O-Newsie said...

Oh, I agree, Hosh. I was merely providing the only reason anyone would consider hiring her.

DiggerDog said...

Is it me or does Fubar Fazal not remind you of the Rob Schneider character Nazo from the movie Big Daddy?

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