Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Readers Keep Beating Us to the Punch

A reach into the old OMANews mailbag reveals more discontnet among viewers. We pass along a few of our favorites...

One alert reader writes regarding KETV's Matt Schick:

He apparently has a blog and it's run in the Reader on line today.

He is like every other t-v sports reporter I've ever seen. They think they're overworked and never hesitate to waste a half hour to tell anyone who will listen how overworked they are. I mean, it's tough putting together three minutes of high quality volleyball reporting especially when you need to find some fan in the stands you can get a picture of so you can rip off Warner Wolfe and come up with a smug remark to show the fan's interest in the game.

It has been my personal observation that sports reporters are anything but overworked except when they linger too long at the omni-present free luncheons or dinners that precede virtually every sports event thus cutting short their time to come up with enough two syllable words to describe an incomplete pass.

They are fawned over and praised. They get to cover sports events for free and take glamour vacations to bowl games when their overworked day always includes a dozen shots of bikini clad co-eds frolicking in the surf.

Those poor overworked sports reporters. If they're so overworked I imagine they can change jobs with most any beer swigging, big gutted, fan parked in front of a t-v and a plate of wings who'd be willing to give up his left nougy to get out of the oil- change pit and cover any sports event, even soccer.

Anyway, poor overworked Schick is so overworked that he not only has time to keep a second by second diary of his overworked shift but then somehow manages to find time in his busy overworked day to put it in a blog.

As the wonderful Mike Royko used to say.."sports writers... the nice but slightly retarded members of the journalistic fraternity."

Another, however, reminds us that it's not just sports that features the retarded, noting the following:

On tonight's 10:00 news, John Knicely was wrapping up a sad story about a man killed by a drunken driver when he told us that one possibility under consideration to curb such incidents was "vehicle revocation." Not vehicle confiscation, not license revocation: "vehicle revocation." Maybe channel 6 will follow up tomorrow with a story about how this cutting edge law enforcement tool will work.

Amid all the guffaws over each other's on-air lame jokes, does anyone at that station ever stop to actually proofread their scripts?

Nor is such bumbling confined to any single station (despite WOWT's best efforts). According to one alert reader, Brandi Peterson "was doing the 11am news Saturday, and she mentioned what was coming up on Channel 7: "The Summer Ten Games"...not the Summer X Games, bless her heart." However, the subject line of this email is the real kicker: "Just don't put Brandi in front of a "Thirty" Bookstore."


Brian said...

In regards to Matt Schick's blog on KETV.com? He adds humor and sarcasm to what he writes, so the fact that he wrote that account of his day, seemingly minute-by-minute in some cases, cannot be taken completely serious.

To the person that wrote that e-mail, I'd say to go visit Matt's blog and read some other entries (not just what Sean Weide posted) he's done and you'll see the common theme.

His blog is humorous and a good read. I really don't take what he says as "Woe is me" because I've read his other postings and I get the angle that he laid out.

operationseng said...

And yet we still watch. :)

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Sounds like the author of the e-mail commenting on Matt Schick's blog either has an axe to grind, has no sense of humor at all, or is just bored and is looking for ANYTHING to comment on. But then again, that can be said for many who comment on Omaha media--including myself, sometimes.

I actually think Schick is quite talented (especially compared to others in this market, be it in print, on radio, Tv or the internet).

What we must always remember when writing, reading or commenting on blogs is that "opinions are like ass-holes: everyone has one!"

navin_johnson said...

If I had to choose one sports anchor on Omaha TV to work for me it would be Matt Schick. He's funny, he's young and he knows his sports news. He doesn't strike me as a whiner. Look at the group: John Chapman, Dave Webber, Matt Seigel, John Schuetz and of course Travis Justice (talk about whiner)... common folks it's slim pickin's. The old guys are too stuffy- sports should be entertaining.

gerrishnut said...

Dave Webber has been stealing a paycheck from WOWT for decades. He gets to travel to all the Husker home game and show his true homer pride.

I wish I could attend an away football game in my life.

Hosh said...

Schick is one of the few up-and-comers who doesn't look like he's going to be held down by the Omaha news scene. He doesn't seem to be drifting towards clone like many of the others.
Keep up the good work, Matt.

Obbop said...

Talk softly and carry a BIG Schick.

/me bad

/scurries off before sundry hurled objects impact my blubbery pasty-white delcate body

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