Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Picking Up the Mail

Coming back from vacation entails picking up all the mail that came during our absence. Several good items offer themselves up for sharing.

• One alert reader provides us with this link to a Lincoln Journal-Star review of "Don't Touch That Dial," Nebraska Educational Television's look back at the pioneers of local television in the state.

• While out of town, we happened upon a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette feature in which the paper's TV writer provided answers to readers' questions. One such reader asked,

It is just me, or is KDKA news so anxious to get breaking news on the air that they don't get the facts? Watching Channel 2 late last week, they reported a drowning in Dormont pool around 4:30. Around 5:30 it was reported as a near-drowning. To me a drowning means someone has died. A near-drowning means they are not dead. Not to pick on only Channel 2, but they reported last night a man had to have his arm amputated after being hit by a bus in the Strip District. I found out this morning that was not the case. Facts seem to be an afterthought.

In an eerie parallel, we received the following from one of our readers on Sunday:

10pm Sunday Jul 30
Breaking News - Top Story..
Paul Baltes: "We begin tonight with local breaking news... Within the hour paramedics were called to a Council Bluffs pool to save a child who had apparently drowned..."

Cut to Rebecca Kleeman at the scene:
We're on Rue Street in the Council Bluffs... blah... blah... blah...
We do know this is a 2 year old...and was taken to the hospital in very critical condition...
Blah... blah... blah...
Again a two year old in Council Bluffs... an apparent drowning... and we're hearing this child is in very critical condition... Jamie?"

drown (past and past participle drowned, present participle drown·ing, 3rd person present singular drowns)
1. transitive and intransitive verb die by immersion in water: to die by immersion and usually suffocation in water or other liquid, or kill a person or animal in this way. Death occurs either from lack of oxygen or as a result of cardiac arrest from the lowered body temperature. death by drowning

How the hell could a child who drowned be saved by the paramedics and/or be in extremely critical condition?

I'm thinkin' the term, "victim of a near drowning" would have been more accurate considering there was no word as to whether the child had died at the time of the report.

Uncanny, huh? Just to show that it's not an isolated incident at Channel 6, we'll note that Tuesday morning found lishpy reporter Rachel Pierce proclaiming that four people had been killed, two of them confirmed, in a house fire in South Omaha. And yes, that's exactly how she delivered it.

• Yet another alert reader sends this report from masslive.com regarding former KMTV meteorologist Tom Bevacqua:

SPRINGFIELD - Tom Bevacqua, chief meteorologist of abc40, has announced that he will retire on Aug. 31.

"We'd like to thank Tom for his remarkable service to the station and wish him well in the next chapter of his life," General Manager Will Meyl said in a statement. "He's been a trusted friend to Springfield viewers since 1993."

The Greenfield resident came to the station in September 1993 from KMTV in Omaha, Neb. He is on the faculty at Greenfield High School, where he will continue to teach courses in geography, news and meteorology.

We've included the picture from the abc40 website for readers who may not remember Bevacqua or his hairpieces.

• Finally, our favorite alert reader email, ever:

Tonight I was treated to how the heat is a big enemy to our pets. Gripping story.....But the video wrapped up with an over-extended view of a pitbull lickin' his junk close-up. Thanks WOWT!

Now, back to work.


Hosh said...

Nothing says "hot" like a dog licking itself.

kingofthestupidpeople said...

I wonder how long it took after reading this blog for Clark over at "the big sux" to send out an email giving them this bit of info that I learned in 3rd grade. Hell, with the track record he's got for hiring lately, he's probably recruiting 2nd graders.

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