Friday, August 25, 2006

Patton Mentioned in Report on KKK Trooper

KMTV weekend anchor Devon Patton is mentioned in the arbitration decision released Friday by the Nebraska Attorney General's Office. The decision addresses the firing of a member Nebraska State Patrol who is alleged to be connected to the Ku Klux Klan. In fact, it appears that Trooper Robert Henderson's interactions with Patton indirectly led to the Patrol's discovery of Henderson's KKK ties.

Relevant excerpts from the decision:

In August of 2005, Sergeant Todd Kinghorn ("Kinghorn") was promoted to Lieutenant and trasferred from the sex-offendr registry to Internal Affairs. On August 26, 2005, Lt. Kinghorn received a Complaint Control Form (801 Form," "NSP 801," "801") from Captain Tom Schwarten alleging that the Grievant was abusing his authority and haraasing a black k man who was employed as a new [sic] anchor for a television station in Omaha, Nebraska. The Grievant had pulled-over the news anchor because the news anchor had been residing in Nebraska for more than thirty (30) days and had not yet obtained Nebraska license plates, as required by law. The Grievant issued the news anchor a warning. This same news anchor and the Grievant's fiancée worked for the same news organizaiton and there appears to have been some friction between the two coworkers. After being stopped by the Grievant, and being warned to obtain Nebraska license plates, the news anchor had lodged a complaint against the Grievant. The Agency conducted an investigation into the incident — including a review of the in-car video of the traffic stop that was the genesis of the allegation — and concluded that the Grievant had not engaged in any misconduct.

On October 17, 2005, Captain Lloyed Peters ("Peters") received information from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation ("KBI) that a law enforcement officer in Nebraska may have joined a website affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan ("KKK," "Klan"). The information provided by the KBI included mention of an incident that sounded to Management quite similar to the one involving the Grievant and the reporter from Omaha.

The report also quotes a Complaint Control Form, which in turn quotes a posting to a Knights Party message board, allegedly contributed by Henderson:

I have been in law enforcement for 23 yrs. My fiancee has been working in TV news locally for 8 yrs. A recent hired black anchor ie: they need people of color on the news desk, has been trying to get real friendly with her. But she has told him to leave her alone. She even complained to the higher up's. They told her not to cause trouble. So, I contacted him, the black anchor and old him the same thing. Leave her alone. I was very polite and kind about it. He complained to my Capt, that I was harassing him. I was found not to be thru and investigation by IA. But I was told not to contact him any more by my Capt. My fiancee went to an atty. That specializes in these matters. She was told the black card wins all the time. So she probably should start looking for another job, or just not say anything to anyone at work.

It is pretty bad when a person can not even complain about these things and they are told to stay away or not say anything. Over my 23 years in my job this sort of thing has been getting worse, not only at work, but also with suspects. Whites are loosing their rights slowly. It's sad. I pray about it. I hope my prayers get answered. White knight in Ne.

At the end of KMTV's coverage of the story during the 5 p.m. broadcast, anchor Greg Peterson acknowledged that the "news anchor" mentioned in the report was, indeed, Patton.

In the decision, the Arbitrator overturns Henderson's firing. The State is appealing, and State Senator Ernie Chambers is promising to pursue revocation of Henderson's law enforcement certificate.


gerrishnut said...

What a landmine to step on. Nobody is gonna win in this situation and having Chambers run his mouth won't help anything.

Obbop said...

Everybody!!!! Step up and fit into one mold. Oh, wait...we are supposed to LOVE diversity... but, only the proper diversity, I suppose.

I was banished from an activist message board, one I had even doanted $50 to. Why? Somebody "Googled" my screen name and found some postings I made at a White separatist site. Just posting there painted me as a racist (what an overused knee-jerk rhetoric word).

Too bad some of the posts I made at the separatist site were deleted. I told of two Black Marines that had saved my rear one day and that we should judge behavior, not skin pigmentation. Then I left posts declaring that, in my opinion, the elite class loves it when the common folk quibble about race since it diverts attention away from deeper real problems, such as the growing differences in class in the USA; that working poor Blacks and Whites have more in common than either does with the 4-percent of Americans controlling 80-plus-percent of the national wealth.

Basically, I naysayed the anti-Black and anti-Jewish uneducated rhetoric on that site. But, in today's PC world that makes no difference.

Get in line, comrades, we must obey our betters. America is no longer a haven for individuality. You MUST think the proper thoughts!!! It is no longer enough to allow others to live, to leave them alone, to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." You MUST think properly, not explore other ways of looking at the world.

Sure appears the Red witch hunts of the 1950s are returning.

You White people are EVIL!!!! Your culture is diseased!!! You WILL feel "white guilt" and alter your mind-set so as to conform to "new think."

Sigh...... too complicated a subject to cover here.

Yah' know, science-fiction stories I have read over the decades, telling of a future America more akin to communist Russia or fascist Germany appears to be coming true.

One last thing; having attended a meeting of a Brown Beret cell in 1971, something few "gringos" have done, I became aware of "racism" against white folks. Spent years as an Anglo minority. Been shot at, beaten by gangs, because i was a gringo. Why doesn't the local news cover La Raza, Mecha, and other anti-American and anti-white groups? DO a Web search. Read the Mecha constitution....not the altered one to hide from the public their real intent.


damnyankee said...

Seems to me that Nebraska has earned national recognition for news items 2 times in the past several months. First, we get headlines for adopting a "racist" school redistricting law (although I happen to agree with and support Mr. Chamber's idea) and now with a state employee involved with white supremacy groups.

And you people all wonder why Nebraska has "image" problems??

I guess those are just good old heartland values.

Sidebar Sam said...

You're all missing the big picture here ... who's Henderson's fiance?

rickoxo2 said...

This is an interesting story to me. Frankly, I'm surprised that a harassment suit against Patton is not the focus, but the race of the parties involved is. When you actually read the posting, the only thing that was detrimental in it was the "White Knight" bit. That didn't help, but what Henderson has is a legitimate complaint against one of his wife's co-workers who is playing the race card.

I'm not saying supremacy groups are right, but I'm saying I didn't take any racial aspect from his legitimate complaint.

Never rub another man's rhubarb.

damnyankee said...

two things -

first - sam's right....who is she!!

second - ricko, don't forget that often the rhubarb asks to be rubbed

rickoxo2 said...


Fair enough. I've heard that is often the case.

Honestly, I don't look at Patton the same anymore. I see him as some one as despicable as Ernie Chambers, dropping the race card whenever they can to get ahead. I now suspect his reports as having bias, that he is looking for the racial element in any story. That was a weak thing to do, Patton.

If I were Channel 6 and 7, I would exploit the hell out of this story. They could destroy Patton and knock 3 further down in the ratings. Of course, they would get a brief boost so everyone could see who the subject of the story is, but Omaha has shown that they will return to 6, to be certain.

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