Thursday, August 17, 2006

Omaha's Daily Paper Adopts "Breaking News" Fetish

From Thursday afternoon:

This may be the most idiotic use of the "Breaking News" crutch we've seen yet. The great thing is that it's from a self-aggrandizing outfit that barely recognizes the existence of the medium it's now imitating.


Obbop said...

From what I have read in various sources, nation-wide, newspapers are experiencing declining readershio and subscriptions along with fewer rack sales.


Too many newspapers are mere pablum for the non-masses.

And, for rags such as the Omyhaw Weird-Harold, a slanted view is far too common.

A pox on the broadcast and printed media here in the cultural backwater.

operationseng said...

When reading the World-Herald one can only assume that the news is indeed "broken".

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