Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Newspeople You Don't Trust

We've seen very little local TV the last few days, but on Tuesday morning, we did catch Channel 6's pathetic claim of having the first images of the scene on the West Dodge Expressway, where a construction worker fell 35 feet and suffered critical injuries.

Was it their "first response" team that pulled off this coup for the 8:55 Today Show cut-in? Nope. It was a shaky "CityCam" image—a shot in which one could vaguely make out flashing lights and rescue personnel. That's right: WOWT's "work" involved some stooge pointing a remote-control traffic camera at an accident site.

It was a splendid use of someone's tragedy to pad the station's cut-rate news operation. News director John Clark and Company must be awfully proud of this "journalism."

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ilovenews said...

KETV's Mike'l Severe was first on the scene live at 8:25 am. He actually had video from the scene from ground level.

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