Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Ladendorff Info

Had we not seen the old KETV promo, the name of Marcia Ladendorff would have made us think of Tim Conway's "Dorf" character. [Shudder]

Several alert readers, however, have reminded us (a) how to spell her name—two Fs, and (b) that she spent time on CNN after leaving the Big O.

Armed with the proper spelling, we were able to locate a bio that fills in some gaps. As of a year ago, she was teaching at the University of North Florida. Here's the complete bio from

Marcia Ladendorff, assistant director of the Honors Program at the University of North Florida, came to academe after 22 years in the broadcast news business. During those two decades, she did everything possible in the newsroom, from reporting, anchoring, producing, and editing to even a short stint as a "weather girl."

She's flown through hurricanes, gone swimming with dolphins and sharks, and covered presidents and popes. She worked in markets all across the country, including Phoenix, Arizona; Rochester, New York; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Before coming to Jacksonville, she worked for the Cable News Network. Marcia was one of the original anchors for CNN, working out of Atlanta, Georgia. After the birth of her first child, she moved to Jacksonville where she spent seven years anchoring the 6 and 11 o'clock newscasts at the NBC affiliate, WTLV. She retired from broadcast news in 1993.

Today, Ladendorff is assistant director of the Honors Program at the University of North Florida and teaches Honors courses on media and their impact on our society and culture.

As a media consultant, she also conducts workshops and strategy sessions on how to work effectively with the news media. She is often called upon to conduct workshops on how to make effective presentations. She also occasionally takes on freelance writing projects.

As for her co-anchor in that promo, several folks have let us know that the chap's name is Allan Muse, another name we barely remember. If you have info on Muse, let us know.


Tóózy said...

Some other info on Miss Ladendorff you may not know. She looks pretty slim in that YouTube video I watched during my normal work day (power-slacking, coffee, more power-slacking). However, she was plumping up when the young Carol Schrader started doing the weekend/fill-in duties at 7. I would speculate the size of her ass at the time of her departure would be a before picture at Jenny Craig. In fact, if you had ever sat down for a burger at the Chicago (not the new ones, the old joint next to Franx Antiques across from Mutual), you may have witnessed the "Shock and Awe" she brought to a couple of cheeseburgers.

Obbop said...

"...witnessed the "Shock and Awe" she brought to a couple of cheeseburgers."

Mmmmmmmmmmmm....... my kinda' gal!!!!!!

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