Thursday, August 24, 2006

Live. Local. Big and Thtupid.

Latest word mangled by a Channel 6 anchor: "Tourist."

Morning anchor/Loud-Talker/Gomer-Pyle-Lookalike Jim "Last Word" Thiedlecki pronounced it "tower-ist" several times on Thursday's broadcast.

But what could we reasonably expect from a guy who sounded so enthusiastic when tellling viewers about the October 24th "Cirque DAY Soleil" performance in Omaha?

The folks in Branson and thereabouts must really miss this hayseed.


O-Newsie said...

If you want to see Jim looking (and sounding) even dumber, just check out his daily appearance on's 6 news @ your desk. The daily update features Jim Flubalubalecki in front of chroma-key, reading the day's
headlines and providing quirky, distracting hand gestures. Then log on to KETV's website and see how a webcast is supposed to be done. John Oakey runs circles around Big Jimmy.

Speaking of which...someone better put that boy on a diet or Mr. Siiiidlecki with someday be as big as Gary Kerr was when he flop-sweated through the news with Pat Persaud years ago.

IRule & USUCK said...

This shit is funny.....and that is why I love this blog, despite the fact that it is frequented by ivory tower types who rip on Suzanne Deyo.

Omababe said...

>when tellling viewers about the
>October 24th "Cirque DAY Soleil"
>performance in Omaha?

Hey, mediocrity in pronunciation (and in spelling) is the fad these days. :)

We have a President who can't pronounce "nuclear", not to mention a former Vice-president who couldn't spell "potato", so bad examples are set and followed. :(

Oh well ...

rickoxo2 said...

Now now, omababe

No ripping into presidents on this site! Or, if you do, at least be an equal opportunity ripper. You have to include the president that didn't understand such tough definitions as "is", "marriage", or "fidelity".

Obbop said...

Heck, browbeat Clinton forever?

Let's talk about Kennedy's and Eisenhower's womanizing!!!!!!

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