Friday, August 04, 2006

KMTV Hires Weekend Anchor

An informed source tells us that Kerri Stowell from KCAU in Sioux City has been hired as weekend anchor and weekday reporter at Action3 News.

Stowell is originally from the Kansas City area and has been handling weekend anchor duties at KCAU since joining the station in May 2004. We'd tell more if we knew it, but KCAU has already removed her bio and pic from their website.

We can only hope that Stowell has been informed that she'll be responsible for seeing that her new co-anchor, Devon Patton, gets his tranquilizers before airtime.


joeygrisgris said...

Hey Roseann: ENOUGH WITH THE BLONDE BIMBOS!!! Liggett, Todd...and now someone named Candice Sorenson doing weather. Where are they recruiting these women, from the Bottom's Up school of broadcasting? Is it too much to want real talent over cheesy smiles and dyed blonde hair? Lord.......make it stop.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

joey...though you're right about Liggett--not much going on in the noodle, we need to give newbies Todd and Sorenson a few weeks to (hopefully) show some potential. Who knows? They may become the next Brandi Petersen. Or they may morph into a Farrah Fazad. Ahhh! Time will tell.

Also, being blonde may have nothing to do with the mediocre "talent" appearing lately in Omaha. Just look at WOWT's McCutcheon, Pierce, Bartholomy, Cronemeyer, and Mastre (I know he's not new, but he's as mediocre as it gets). Though these individuals are not blonde (not sure exactly what color Rachel Pierce's hair is), they show their lack of cranial activity--and they work for the number one station in our fair city. Scary, huh?

Guess Omaha isn't exactly a destination point for broadcast professionals, save a few exceptions. However, those talented few, will no doubt, be out of here--like so many before them--faster than we can say "land of corn."

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

PS: I can't believe I almost forgot to list Jim Sidlecki with the rest of the mediocre "talent." He would be that group's vice president.

rivercity_jack said...

I just really want to know who WOWT's target demographic is? Why are they the number one station here when clearly they give a semi-mediocre effort at best. I long for another time (like 1999-2000) when KETV dethroned WOWT in the ratings. Hopefully KETV or KMTV can do this again. I have to think that WOWT is going after the senior citizens for their demographic and seniors are almost always home to answer the phone when the ratings/survey people call. Channel 6 doesn't seem to embrace change to much and neither do many seniors. They've got their "good o'le Dave Webber" "Mr. Flowers" and "That nice man John Knicely" There number of years on the air in this town (albeit between 2 TV stations for Pornstache & Mr. Golf) reasonates well with many older (and some young) people in this town. It's kinda sad!

Obbop said...

So many prudes prancing around this cultural backwater. Inhibited buffoons who, from what I read in the newspaper and hear on lacal AM talk radio, apparently believe the rest of the country constantly thinks about Omyhaw and its image.


How often to the local mental midgets think about Fresno? Oneida? Tallahassee? Well, the folks there likely think about Omyhaw about as much as the brainless tumors hereabots think about those cities.

Anyway.... it's time for a new approach. It's time to emulate the on-line video I saw from Russia. The comrades have a mighty-fine idea..... have a bodacious babe disrobe while babbling whatever the teleprompter tells her to say.

Of course, broadcast bodacious babes couldn't go to the extremes those fine fillys on-line go to. But, the outter garments could be shed to reveal the bikini beneath.

Oh yeah!!!!!!!

Watch the ratings soar from a certain demographic while the prudes suffer heart palpitations and bemoan the impropriety of displaying gawd's wondrous creation for all to see.

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