Friday, August 18, 2006

If They Exerted Any Less Effort, The Screen Would Be Blank

Because we write so much about the almost constant screwups on Channel 6, there is always the temptation to forego writing about them, feeling as if we're piling on. But ignoring glaring incompetence and unprofessionalism would really defeat the purpose of this little enterprise, which is to shine some light on our local television news outlets.

Today's episode involves the "Live at Daybreak" gang. Unswervingly following their latest copycat gimmick—having a reporter live in the field—the kids at Daybreak had Unfrozen Caveman Reporter Mike Cronemeyer cover the "Ribfest" scheduled to open today in Council Bluffs. But because it was pouring rain between 5 and 7 a.m., Dronemeyer told viewers, the remote from C.B. was called off, so he was reporting from "about a foot" outside the station, standing under an umbrella.

Translation: We were all too damned lazy (or stupid) to (a) have a contigency plan and (b) come up with a creative solution in the pinch. So we just decided to have me stand outside the door and babble.

Meanwhile, in a demonstration of how to do a real program, KETV's FirstNews had a "Plan B" and brought the Ribfest folks into the studio to show off their delicacies.

Do you think anyone at WOWT is even the least bit embarrassed about this latest example of complacent lethargy?


ptg said...

I'm embarrassed ad I don't even work for channel 6.

rickoxo2 said...

This is another case when the economics of the sit-chee-ay-shun come into play. Why should Channel Sux spend a single penny to improve, or train, or plan, or ANYTHING when they some how remain number one? Apparently, enough people are fans of this Keystone Kops operation. The real question isn't "Why won't channel sux improve?"

The question is "Why does Omyhaw put up with this crap?"

rivercity_jack said...

WTF WOWT!?? "Oh lets just go out the back door and pretend we're actually there reporting LIVE". F***ing idiots!! Instead of the aged moniker of "Channel 6 For the Heartland, it should be Channel 6: For The Farseland!

rivercity_jack said...


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

My HOPE is that Sux will get shaken up so badly in the ratings one day that all hell will break loose and chaos will ensue. Kinda like what happened with Nebraska football's coaching staff a few years ago when NU stopped winning (almost) every game. Then, maybe those arrogant f@#%s at 6 will "grow some humility." The question is: Whose head should fall first?

The big difference is that the NU coaching staff actually had TALENT--something that is scarce at Dubya-Ohhh-Dubya-Teee.

kookiejar said...

I've never understood why they have Croney out in the field in the morning anyway. It's dark, so there is nothing to see, and it's early, so there is no one to interview. Just him standing somewhere talking about something. Stupid.

damnyankee said...

The most sad and disturbing part of this "remote" in my opinion was that they had to actually caption under his stunned mug that he was reporting "live" at 38th and Farnam.

They could have at least made something up. In the words of comedian Lewis Black - "Why did they stop lying to me? I was comfortable with that."

Hosh said...

Rivercity Jack-
It doesn't appear that they are pretending. They appear to think that its OK to actually do this.

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