Friday, August 25, 2006

"Big Turds of Poop": A Fubar Fazal Story

This item comes to us from an alert reader, who pointed us to a story we'd missed.

And who couldn't love a story that includes the phrase "big turds of poop," even if it were just in writing? The bonus is that there's video (at least until KETV decides to pull it).

We're not sure that the closeup shot of sewage was entirely necessary, but it's fitting that Channel 7 dispatched its shittiest reporter to cover a backed-up sewer. (At one point Fazal points to where a light pole was "until about this afternoon." About this afternoon, Fubar?)

You can find it all here.


damnyankee said...

Sadly, I don't think if you added up the homeowner, Fubar, and the "plumber's" (is that what he was???) IQ you'd get a double digit figure.

My wife and I saw this story when it aired and had the same reaction to it - what a crappy job.

rickoxo2 said...

Crappy job. I love it! You would think her career was down the drain, but there appears to be a blockage, a real resistance to actual talent.

Fubar's incompetence is going to remain silent but deadly to the management, and by the time it hits the fan, it will be too late.

I know this seems a little nutty, even a little corny, but I think this story was allowed because "turd" is one of the funniest words in print.

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