Tuesday, August 08, 2006

And You Thought the Dental Plan at Channel 6 Was Bad

"How stupid does one need to be to get a job reading the television news?"

With a first line like that, we said when we received an email recommending this essay from London's Sunday Times, it's gotta be good.

And it is. Among other things, it (sort of) reminds us why John Knicely remains on television year after year.

You can read the entire piece by clicking here: Stupidity Has Its Place


rickoxo2 said...

Good article. Thomebody better tell Thiedlicki not to get too clever for hith own good, or the good of the audienth at channel Thux.

Omababe said...

Uh, I thought it was supposed to be the case that the Best And Brightest{tm} of the reporters (as in working journalists) worked up to the position of anchor.

navin_johnson said...

As we have recently been schooled- The Omaha market is currently looking for young and good looking not brains. (ie: Laura Ligget, Veronica Todd, Rachel Pierce... I could go on.)
It's a shame really.

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