Saturday, August 05, 2006

Alert Reader Assists in Stowell Update

Where would this blog be without the assistance of our many alert readers. Less than 24 hours after our last post, we received info allowing us to provide more info about and a picture of new KMTV weekend anchor Kerri Stowell.

As mentioned previously, she is originally from the KC area, is a grad of UMKC, and her old KCAU station bio says she enjoys reading.

When is the last time WOWT or KETV hired someone who reads (without moving his/her lips)?

In a related development, a new weatherguesser showed up on KETV Saturday at 11 a.m. Her name is Candace Sorenson, and she does not appear to have spent much time reading.


Obbop said...

Kudos to her dentist. Kerri has the whitest brightest teeth I've come across in quite a spell.

rickoxo2 said...

I hope she does well. Good call on the teeth.

joeygrisgris said...

All the same......think I'll wait until I see her in action before becoming "enameled" with her. Sorry, that comment was a little biting, despite the fact it's the tooth.

Hosh said...

You are too picky to expect reporters and anchors to be able to read. Lay off a bit.

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