Friday, August 25, 2006

6 News: Covering the Really Important Stuff

Friday's 6 p.m. newscasts at WOWT and KETV displayed an interesting contrast between the two stations.

KETV devoted the first six or seven minutes to the story regarding the state's attempt to fire Nebraska State Patrol officer Robert Henderson for his ties to the KKK.

WOWT, on the other hand, devoted only two or three minutes to that story so it could get to John Chapman's hard-hitting report about a gaggle of high school girls attending a football game at Millard South High School, parking at an adjacent apartment complex despite many no parking signs there, and —gasp— having their car towed.

"The girls were crying, so I'm crying too with them and I say 'what happed?' [sic] you know," a mom named Starla screeched during the piece.

Thank God WOWT news director John Clark has his priorities straight.


Melanie said...

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the idiot girl who parked where she shouldn't have? I mean there is a sign saying "TOW AWAYS ZONE". Hello...

Obbop said...

Oh the poor child.

Surely traumatized for life.

I hope the multiple lawsuits provide ample money to pay for the decades of extensive therapy the child will assuredly have to undergo to be able to live even a partially normal life.

My BIG beating heart goes out to the victimized lass. I hope she recorded the newscast so she can remind herself daily for years of the terrible trauma she underwent.

A year in the most dangerous part of Iraq must pale in comparison.

Can we start a fund to donate to in order to assist the damaged waif?

I hope that all reading this realize her trauma is rooted in the sick culture created by male dominance that has shoved females into the mire of victimhood, dashing dreams upon the rocks of despair for all females but especially the young tender females who are victimized daily. No, hourly. Maybe even minutely or secondly!!!!

This travesty can not go unanswered. You KNOW it just HAD to be males that posted those anti-female "no parking" signs and a male tow truck operator that crudely, rudely towed that victimized traumatized little girls' car away.

The outrage I feel about this incident compels me to look at WOWT with new eyes, new thoughts, a new mind-set.

The all-encompassing warm fuzziness of WOWT is worthy of embracing if we can prevent even one girl from having to be traumatized.

You betcha'.

damnyankee said...

So let's place some bets.

Was Mom crying because her daughter is a moron or because she has to pay out a couple c-notes to get the car back?

My money says that Mom's not smart enough to realize her daughter's a moron.

IRule & USUCK said...

Granted, it sounded like a stupid story, but c'mon we like warm and fuzzy stories. Besides, parking laws are stupid, like many of you (ya ivory tower elitists). Most of you probably ride your bikes everywhere (hippie communists, move to China).

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