Monday, July 03, 2006

You Don't Have to Be Retarded to Watch (Or Report)
Channel 6's Weekend Morning News, But It Helps

Quick highlights:

On Saturday, lunkhead anchor Mike Dronemeyer told viewers that a bank robbery looked "familiar" to other recent bank robberies. This erased most doubts that Dronemeyer (a) is being groomed to replace John Knicely and (b) must've taken a few fastballs to the noggin while playing for NC State.

Also on Saturday, Maniko "Queen Shanniqua" Barthelemy teased one of her awful live segments with the promise of tips on kite-flying. Moments later, she followed through on her threat. Her "expert" advised her to "just hold the kite up and let the wind take it." No wonder this station allegedly won so many Associated Press awards.

Finally, it's impossible to watch Rachel Pierce and not wonder what made this woman think television was a good career choice. Leaving aside her speech impediment (does someone at 6 have a lisp fetish?), Pierce appears clumsy on-air and offers little evidence of even basic knowledge. For some reason, when mentioning a street name above 100, she reads it as if it were a fraction. Example: "There's been an accident already this morning, so you might want to avoid the intersection of One-Twentieth and Maple."

Again we have to ask, where's management in all this? It's one thing for these people to do something wrong, but where's the guidance? Who's working with them to correct their defects? From what we can tell, absolutely no one.


rickoxo2 said...

I'm not defending Rachel either, but has anyone else noticed the street-as-a-fraction change that has gone on in this town? It's not just her. In many advertisements the car dealership is on one-eightieth and Dodge, or the store is on one-forty second and "Q".

Couple this with the fact that TV news is delivered as a headline, such as "A car crashes, and three are dead" instead of a gramatically correct sentence and it almost makes watching the news unbearable. Cornell is probably the worst offender on this one.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Apparently, quality doesn't matter to the Omaha audience...that is, if we are to believe Channel 6's claim of being the number one station for news in all time periods. Perhaps the disclaimer at the bottom of that promo should read: "May 2006 Nielsen viewers with IQs below 80."

Now that the graphics and theme music have been updated (big improvements!), maybe WOWT should hire a real news director to build a truly professional and talented team of anchors and reporters. Otherwise, this station will continue to look like fluffy fecal matter. No matter how pretty you make it look, such waste still stinks!

I'm not saying that 3 or 7 don't produce their own piles of manure on occasion. However, if you were to watch the same number of newscasts on each station, WOWT would eclipse the other two in putting out total crap! Only KXVO produces a lower quality of newscast. Yes, even KPTM is better than the average Channel 6 newscast--especially on weekends when WOWT is nothing less than God-awful!

I'll watch again in a few months and see if there are any substantive changes. However, I'm not going to hold my breath--something I have to do when I turn to today's Channel 6.

goinstraight said...

Who cares what Mike says that man is hot.

operationseng said...

1/20th?! I now officially pronounce the English language quite dead.

damnyankee said...

is it just me - or does Dronemeyer always have this look of total surprise when he's on camera. almost as if to say - am I on??

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