Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Droppings

• At last! WOWT Ejacuweather meteorologist spoke the truth on Sunday evening. "You never know what the weather's going to do," he told co-anchors Paul "Invisible Man" Baltes and Jaime McCutcheon. Really, Jeff? Then why the hell do they give you and your fellow dweebs five minutes of every newscast to prattle on as if you do?

• Why does Channel 6's lithshping weekend morning co-anchor, Rachel Pierce, have a job? She displays no skills, especially when it comes to conversation. When another Ejacucaster, Michael Born wrapped up his forecast by noting that we'd be seeing the return of "summer-like" weather, Pierce responded, "Yeah...Thshummer in Florida!" She's been here, what, two months and she's already an expert on our climate? They should can this woman, fast.

• We're coming to find KETV's weekend 'casts the most watchable, both morning and night. Morning anchors Todd Andrews and Brandi Petersen make a pretty good pairing, especially considering they have to drag along mumbling "mitterawgist" Chuck McWilliams and perpetually befuddled "reporter" Laura Liggett.

• The same goes for evenings, despite the presence of stiff and clueless anchorette Suzanne "Everyone Has Bad Days" Deyo. Meterologist John Campbell has probably the best voice of any weatherguesser in town and avoids the hazard of taking himself too seriously. And while some will complain that weekend sports guy Matt Schick is a little too cheesy, we'll give him a pass, because the guy brings intelligence to the table and appears to make an effort every time he's on the air. What's too bad is that that sets him apart from about 70 percent of the other on-air talent in this market.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Rachel Pierce has a job because 1) WOWT Sucks and 2) because she pairs perfectly with her Neanderthalesque co-anchor, Mike Cro-magnon-man, er, I mean, Cronemeyer. Talk about a match made in hell! Watching those two is like taking a triple dose of valium chased with a fifth of vodka.

You are also spot on regarding KETV's weekend newscasts--particularly the morning edition with Todd Andrews and Brandi Petersen. They, unlike their competition, actually have personalities AND come across as knowing what the hell they're doing.

Finally, regarding John Campbell: I would even say that he is better than (or at least has more charisma than) Channel 7's chief meteorologist Bill "bore me with blandness" Randby. Dean Wysocki is also great over at KMTV on weekends. Too bad he has to share the desk with Devon "my mouth is wired shut" Patton.

joeygrisgris said...

More weekend meanderings
....brilliant piece of reporting by Laura Ligget, once again. Standing at the scene of a south Omaha shooting, her report consisted of "There's crime tape right behind me...and more crime tape down the street...and in between a house they're not letting anyone into. If you have any information, please call...". Please, Laura, consider a profession where you won't shame yourself any more. I hear the Razzle is hiring.

Liked Jamie McCutcheon (Raab) when she first came. Something has happened to her eyes. Very "Stepfordish". Must be from from hanging around channel sux for a few months.

Thought Maniko Bartholamy actually was markedly better in a couple of reports she did on 7. Maybe there is hope.

joeygrisgris said...

The IQ level remains boggling. Channel 7 just ran a story about a soldier form back east who was killed in Iraq, and his widow is fighting with the Vets administration to have the Wiccan symbol displayed on his memorial. Julie Cornell, in all her wisdom, described it as a five point star with a circle around it. Ever hear the word "Pentagram", Julie? Only been around pretty much since the beginning of man. Jessssssssus.

Hosh said...

Matt Schick and John Campbell prove that there is hope for the younger anchors in town, but I wouldn't be surprised if they take the first train out of here that they can.

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