Thursday, July 13, 2006

This is a Big One!

We'd really like to stop hammering WOWT, but no other station gives us this kind of stuff on such a consistent basis (unless you count KXVO as a station).

On Wednesday night, the Dumb half of "Dumb and Brummer," Channel 6's Brian Mastre, dropped this bombshell: EBay "has changed the way people purchase and sell items."

What's next for this beady-eyed, overweight, moron? A story about how email has changed the way people communicate? Or how cell phones have changed our telephone habits?

Jeez. You'd think someone over there could come up with something better than this for stories.

Of course, it was also Mastre who used his idiotic "Burglaries & Break-ins"/"News Where You Live" feature a few weeks ago to update us on some stolen Tupperware.

Is any local station in any market this size or larger so bad so often? The excrement being cranked out at 35th and Farnam is truly mind-boggling.

Wouldn't you just love to be in the meetings where they decide that stolen Tupperware is worthy of airtime? Or that Mastre should delve into the wonders of eBay?

How do they rationalize this to themselves when they go home at night? What sort of mind-altering medications make them comfortable producing such awful, awful work?


Hosh said...

I'm just trying to play devil's advocate...and I don't work in TV.
How much of what anchors say is stuff they write themselves? I'm just wondering if we are putting too much blame on the anchors for what comes out of their mouth. I'm wondering if there are "writers" that can share some of the blame.
Just checking!

jmsqabq said...

"How do they rationalize this to themselves when they go home at night?" ... you ask??!!
They look at the ratings .. they look at how little they're paying everyone but their front-line talent .. they realize how little is demanded of them by viewers in Omaha .. and they wet their pants because they laugh so hard.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

I know for a fact that Brian Mastre--and most anchors in this market--write the majority of their scripts. The producers will tweak it just before or during the show, but in a market this size, the anchors do a lot of writing. Well, most anchors, anyway. I am not certain that John Knicely knows HOW to even use a computer. God forbid if the teleprompter ever freezes up--the man can't ad lib to save his life. And Mastre isn't much better.

jmsqabq said...

To 'hosh' .. even if there are writers (and there probably aren't in OMA) any anchor worth a crap will copy edit and shape copy to make sure it's accurate. Any anchor that doesn't deserves to be fired .. except in OMA where the only requirement to anchor, it seems, is to grin like a lantern-jawed dope into the camera, tie the tie straight, play golf with the clients and pick up a check every two weeks.

dragon927 said...

I think perhaps that 6's target demographic is people that don't get their news from any other source or indeed watch the tv outside of the 6 newscast.

Under those criteria, they're probably a pretty good newscast.

damnyankee said...

I must ask.

HOW does this station continue to claim the "highest rated newscast" moniker??

Old folks homes? Halfway houses and prisons? I-only-have-an-antennae-on-my-TV demographic? Closed-minded and simple Nebras....


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