Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"That Squirrel Can Really Water-Ski!"

WOWT's high-talking Ejacuweather meteorologist, Jeff Jensen, came right out and admitted another truism on Wednesday's 4 p.m. Dumb and Brummer newscast: "There's a pig of a storm over Kansas right now. Since there's nothing going on around here, I thought we'd take a look at it." He babbled for another 30 seconds or so about the blip on the radar screen that, he said, was "hugging I-70."

So now it's out there on the table: even when there's nothing to talk about, the Ejacuweather team will talk anyway. Is it any wonder people don't take these guys seriously?

Of course, it's hard to imagine what the Dumb and Brummer production team would fill the time with, even if Mr. High Voice did cut his chatter short. Not long after Jensen's appearance, viewers were treated to a minute or two of riveting footage and anchor voiceovers spotlighting a crawfish, a "high rent treehouse," and an owl.

Meanwhile, the rest of the staff anxiously awaits the upcoming visit by Cirque DAY Soleil.


Yasser said...

what can i say - an award winning show?

Hosh said...

Don't mention pig around Siedlicki!

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