Monday, July 17, 2006

Not Exactly a Win-Win Situation

According to the Des Moines Business Record, KCCI, which has been dominant in the ratings there for a decade, recently overtook rival WHO in a daypart in which it had been lagging last year.

The daypart? Mornings.

The previous morning anchor? WOWT's Sheila Brummer, now of "Dumb and Brummer" infamy.

Apparently their loss is their gain. We certainly didn't get anything out of the deal.


Numbers Guy said...

Common... your in the news business, I'm in the "audience measurement" business, you know the station is going to spin it however they want. "We were number 1 from sign on to sign off, minus a few newscasts and wheel of fo**skin." "But we were still number one." Show me the facts. I personally know that KCCI claimed they were number one in the morning, with or without, Ms Brummer. Compare the CBS Morning show with anything and they are no longer # 1. To be Fair and Accurate maybe you should look at the May and July Books and compare them to last year for WOWT. I haven't been to this site for over 6 months and yet, still picking on Brummer? This site is sponsored by Rupert Murdoch. I sure hope you don't control content in any of the news outlets in Omaha, or do you? Go ahead, edit my blog. Freud would say that you have a little "crush" and your mother forgot to breast feed you.

damnyankee said...

careful Ted - I think we ALL get a lot out of her presence here! Where would this be without her?

joeygrisgris said...

From a personal standpoint, what's even scarier, I dated a woman for a while last year that if you would have shaved 30 lbs off her, was a dead ringer for Sheila Bummer in both looks and personality. And she also was from Iowa. Trust me folks, there's a whole colony of 'em out there. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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