Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Beyond Apathy

If anyone still needs covnincing that the folks running WOWT just don't give a shit, consider one promo that's been running for over a week now.

In it, morning anchor Jim Thiedlecki twice refers to Cirque du Soleil as "Sirk DAY Solay."

Leaving aside, for the moment, that this further solidifies Thiedlecki's image as a Grade-A Goober, shouldn't someone at the station order that the spot be re-done or, at the very least, make Thiedlecki voice-over hith mithpronunthiations?

Everyone has "talent" that screws up on live TV (and using the term talent on Thiedlecki is really stretching it to its limits). But continuing to run taped screw-ups says something even more profound about WOWT's management.


dragon927 said...

Fix a spot in post?
Have "talent" do a read-through before taping?
Hire "talent" that knows how to read?

These things are far too difficult.

Mike said...

After we watched that, I told my wife, "Just think -- that was the best take. Imagine how bad the rest of them were."

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Jim Siedlecki is just one example of ineptness-as-norm-rather-than-exception. In today's world of political correctness and not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings (for fear of legal retaliation), management has decided not to take any corrective action. Therefore, in this case--and in so many other instances on ALL stations--they just let it slide. Better to allow him to look stupid than to risk hurting his feelings. I call that the C.Y.A. policy. (Or maybe it is just a W.T.F. policy.)

Gone are the days of accountability. This is true in most areas of business today. We are a society of spoiled children whose actions must not be challenged or corrected, regardless of the consequences.

To be fair, there are other anchors and reporters in this market who frequently screw up pronunciation of words. Just watch Channel 3 and, in almost any given day, at least one graphic will have a misspelled word. I've also seen them use "your" instead of "you're" on a few occasions, and the use of an apostrophe to indicate a plural noun has appeared more than once. At Channel 7, Elictia Hammond is the biggest offender. Tracy Jacim takes the title of most noticeable stumbler at 42/15.

No big deal, though, right?

bandit75 said...

You left one acronym out avid....RTFM which is what the tech staff at each of the channels should do. I've lost count of how many times in the last week the incorrect video for a story has been shown, words mispronounced or misspelled, the list is endless.

Hosh said...

Maybe they should play "Dueling Banjoes" when Siedlecki is hosting the broadcast? I'd at least tune in for the first minute just to see his pissed-off reaction every morning.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Just stop and consider that 99% of the mouthbreathers on their couches don't know their 'de'-s from their 'du'-s...

Channel Sicks just doesn't want to show up their audience with an excess of smugness.

Ted Brockman said...


What makes you think that song would piss him off? I'm thinking it might make him feel more "in his element."

Hosh said...

Good point, Ted. The camera would probably catch him gazing off into sky, dreaming about the homestead.

S. Whiplash said...

I wonder what public school system teaches that the letter "U" is actually pronounced like the letter "A."



Tóózy said...

Ted, I'm sorry to disagree, but I think Hillbilly Jim is a true Omaha treasure! I love to tune in a newscast with Backwater Jim at the helm! The Sports Guy on the ESPN website calls it unintentional comedy, and that is exactly what comes out of Jumbo Jim's mouth! (By the way, feel free to use any of the monikers I'm trying out! My personal fave is Hillbilly Jim, but your mileage may vary.) It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, although the locomotive may have a slightly higher IQ!

Can you see this dude at the company Christmas party, half looped, coming on to the interns? You know the hustle can only go two ways!

1.Jim says to young intern “Want to come over to see my etchings? They're awfully purdy.”
2.Jim says to young intern “ Let's head back to the little spread I have over yonder. I'll let you see my cock! I'm into rooster fighting big time!” (Admit it, you thought the worst.)

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