Friday, June 23, 2006

Separated at Birth: Mubarak and FUBARak

The Egyptian President and the multiply-challenged "I-Team" member.


barefoot_fairy said...

Yeah yeah...she's not white. Get over it!

Obbop said...

Miraculously, a memory erupts....

Long ago, waaaaay back in the mid 1960s, my Mad Magazine held within its folds an itty bitty audio record playable on a turntable. I believe they were termed "flexi-discs" since they were very thin and could bend without breaking.

The song's title, i believe, was "Nose Job."

Fubar's ample schnozz brought that long-ago experience to the forefront and I can still recall some of the lyrics of that dainty ditty:

"She gotta' nose job she gotta' nose job, now it's turned up instead of hanging down.

She gotta' nose job she gotta' nose job....and now she's the prettiest gal around.... nose job..."


Sweet memories brought on by the mere peek of a monstrous olafactory appendage.

nu1wa said...

Who cares she's not white,She not good and should not be seen or heard!

Ted Brockman said...

Barefoot: So are you suggesting that her mannish resemblance to a 70-something Egyptian dictator, her awful voice, and her horrible reporting are all the result of not being white? I thought it was just a matter of her being a bad fit for this particular job.

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