Monday, June 26, 2006

How Low Can He Go?

It's gotta suck to be Brian McFayden.

It was bad enough that his career had withered to the point that he had to take a job at an Omaha TV station. But, to make matters worse, that station was cellar-dweller KXVO, whose Calvert Collins-anchored "news"cast was watched so little that it didn't even register in parts of the February sweeps.

Now comes word that the aforementioned Mr. McFayden was bumped from even that paltry gig on Friday.

Perhaps he'd look nice in a blue vest, saying, "Cart today?"


dannymccaslin said...

I might be mentioning something else but it looks like they are having some kind of a contest for a new host of a news/entertainment show. F-

damnyankee said...

An insult to cart-minders everywhere...

ego_bruiser said...

Good riddance! He sucked the lives out of viewers and surely his coworkers.

weatherwoman said...

Whatever. I thought Brian McFayden was fun and enjoyed watching him. It's not like he made the channel any worse, so perhaps he did something really bad. I must be one of the few person who liked him and the format. JJ Davis was rather good as a replacement last night. He can be very entertaining, in his self-deprecating way.

splog2 said...

Brian who?

Flim Jowers said...

on Monday nite's edition, JJ Davis handled the show. At one point he mentioned how the show was supposed to appeal to the 18-to-24 demographic... and that he was nearly 50.


also, curious what kind of locals will give their 'So You Think You Can Host (this newscast)' contest a shot...?
(...maybe Ch6's Maniko will give it a whirl... using the name "ellen cleghorne!) :)

Smooove B said...

Dear God. I would have been my house that nothing could have been worse than McFayden. Now you tell me he was replaced by JJ Davis? Are they trying to alienate both viewers?

Melanie said...

Didn't we all see this coming anyway? Big Surprise.

Fly on the wall said...

Brian McFaden was on to something with that show. Given more time, it had the potential to draw an audience because it was an original and watchable local offering.

You can say what you will about his manner. Overall McFadden is quite likable. A natural for television, he's also good with studio guests, original, and often funny.

Comparing management at Pappas to the "gang that couldn't shoot straight" is an insult to bad shots everywhere.

They fell by accident into the thing with McFadden- there can be no other explanation- (witness Calvert Collins).

The fact that they didn't have the guts to stick with him is more than typical of the Pappas bunch.

There the blind are leading the blind onto the trash heap of what has become the broadcast television business.

I watched the show tonight with the guest host and it was bad beyond belief. It makes me howl with laughter to imagine Pappas management explaining that show to Harry Pappas.

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