Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Few Random Observations

• Has anyone caught the Omaha Public Schools' latest offering on The Knowledge Network (Cox Channel 17)? It's hosted by district spokescrone LuAnn Nelson, who peppers some apparently over-coached youngsters with canned questions to set up their canned answers. It's reminiscent of old propaganda films cranked out by the Soviets during the Cold War. Is this the best OPS can come up with? How is it that students at Westside can produce a better show than OPS's adult PR squad can muster?

• Instead of hosting a four- or five-hour telethon for Children's hospital each year, maybe Channel 6 should raise money so it can get weekend Ejacuweather meteorologist Jeff Jensen some voice lessons. He’s always been a bit of a "high-talker," but we swear his voice is getting even more shrill. And perhaps while they’re getting him signed up for the voice classes, they could talk to him about his habit of prattling on about weather that has no impact on the viewing area. One recent evening, Jensen spent a good thirty seconds or so showing us radar of a thunderstorm up in North Dakota, only to end his digression by noting that “that’s a long way from here” (Gee, thanks, Jeff) and shouldn’t reach us. Such time-wasting has to leave more than a few viewers asking why the hell he brought it up.

• UNO’s public affairs program, formerly hosted by news legend Carol Schrader and now hosted by former WOWT weekend morning anchor Andrea McMaster proves one thing: it wasn’t Channel 6 that was making McMaster look stupid.

• On Tuesday's 6 p.m. newscast, KETV I-Teamer Farrah "FUBAR" Fazal reported that she didn't know "specifically" what searchers looking for as they scoured the area around Lake Cunningham for the remains of Jessica O'Grady. Apparently Fazal hadn't connected the dots: earlier this week, prosecutors indicated that they believe O’Grady was killed with a couple of Japanese swords. It seemed pretty clear—to everyone but FUBAR—that they were looking for a body. What we're wondering is how much more specific Fazal wanted the information to be. Was she wanting someone to name specific body parts? Or would the phrase "human remains" have satisfied her? Or had she not yet heard about the murder?

• KMTV's Travis Justice is getting lathered up about the "Cal-idge" World Series, slapping together an entire preview show tonight at 6. And while we're on the subject of The Tool, what's with his need to clutch a rolled-up script during his sports reports? Is it a security phallus of some sort? That would explain why, when he isn't waving the papers around, he's always got a pen in hand. The pen probably feels more like the real article.

• On the whole, KMTV's new approach has put it back in the game with KETV and WOWT, at least in the quality department. In fact, Channels 3 and 7 regularly turn out work that is noticeably superior to the stale old crap being recycled at Channel 6. Aside from Devon Patton, who always appears to be gesturing in a frenzied attempt to signal passing aircraft, the staff at 3 has generally risen to the occasion.

• If nothing else, Action 3 News has done the community a great service in forcing Channel 6 to alter the format of its live reports, thereby depriving John Knicely of the opportunity to lean on his “So-and-So, reporting live” crutch.


RICK said...

Does The Knowledge Network still have that feature late at night where you can request programming? That was awesome, and as a displaced Omahan something I look back on fondly, knowing that I could watch the Westside show at 4 in the morning instead of, well, sleeping or studying was extremely comforting.

Joe Swank said...

I'm sorry, I can't get into Action 3rd's style. It is too tabloid. I turned the channel to the 3rd and Dave Roberts (is that his name)is just screaming into the camera on a report.

Then earlier in the week Michelle Bandour asks a "maritial arts expert" if a sword could be used as a weapon ahhhhhhh do you think

joeygrisgris said...

Had a chance a chat socially with one of the more competent Channel 7 folks a while back. I asked him/her how they could possibly employ Fubar as a reporter and hope to not look foolish. The response was "well, manangement thinks she's getting better". Lord help us all.

Omababe said...

>maybe Channel 6 should raise money
>so it can get weekend Ejacuweather
>meteorologist Jeff Jensen some
>voice lessons.

He's annoying (if he's the guy I'm thinking of), but not nearly as annoying as three others who are very badly in need of some voice coaching:

1. Farrah Fazal. Enough said.

2. E-lee-she-a. Again, enough said.

3. Maniko Barthalemy. She needs some MAJOR help if she's ever going to try to succeed on the air! She needs voice coaching, badly! So do all three of them! And I'm not trying to be racist at all, there are countless African-Americans who speak flawless Broadcast English, but Maniko is not one of them. :(

However (comma) none of these come anywhere close to the WORST news report I ever heard on Omaha TV. This was a couple weeks ago. I heard that KXVO (is that what 15 is called?) now had news at 10, so I figured, what the heck.

I tune in and their lead-off story is some very miserable young lady recovering from jaw surgery! HUH???? I mean there are missing persons and traffic accidents and storms coming and this is the 10:00pm lead????? I think she was the GF of the anchor or something, I don't really know, I turned to something else quickly. "Now let's practice our vovels ..." Hey, try that with the three above.

Ok, I'll shut up for now. :)

photofarm said...

On the Channel 15 KXVO news program.

This is not meant to be another copycat news program. With 4 stations already doing serious news, the Omaha Market doesn't need a 5th.

The format for KXVO news is Brian doing an opening segment that is mostly about him and what interests him. It is light hearted and funny. Then they bring the KPTM news anchor on for a brief summary of the top 3 or 4 stories.

After that, the news on KXVO covers most of the local entertainment beat for the under 30 crowd. They also cover the weather, and some local sports using the KPTM people.

Overall I like the program, it is different, and covers different stories and angles that the other news programs don't cover.

Melanie said...

I love this blog.

splog2 said...

God, I love this blog. So much insightful and true comments have never been said about the loco (siq) media.

Omababe said...

>The format for KXVO news is Brian
>doing an opening segment that is
>mostly about him and what interests

Well, uh, okay, I guess. I just assumed it would be, well, more, uh like news. :)

>After that, the news on KXVO covers
>most of the local entertainment
>beat for the under 30 crowd.

Definitely leaves me out then. :) :(

Joe Swank said...

Hmmmm isnt it called the KXVO channel 15 news or something like that? If it isnt supposed to be news why not name it the Brian Mc Variety half hour or the too hip for the room show or something else. But if it is not news dont call it news. The most pathetic show I have seen.

operationseng said...

KXVO 10 PM News (And I use the term loosely) is funny, lighthearted and entertaining?
My god Omaha needs an enema IF THEY THINK THAT IS FUNNY!!!

Sidebar Sam said...

Something tells me ol' Brian's career in Hollywood was about to hit a wall and he saw the writing on it. In college, we used to throw blanket parties for guys like him. Brian should hire Maniko Bartholemy away from Sux to be his sidekick ... Brian and Bartholemy has nice ring to it.

navin_johnson said...

I am hoping that Action 3 News makes a jump in the ratings it would be so incredible to see 6 sink as it should. And Channel 3 has nowhere to go but up I suppose. I like the pace of their news. Although I will agree that Devon is just painful to watch and Dave Roberts needs to use his inside voice. And while we are talking about reporters... What is KETV doing with Laura Liggett still? That youngster is just plain awful (not to say she couldn't go to a smaller market and hone her skills). I thought it was a temporary fill until they hired a real reporter to replace Trisha Mueret. I can't stand to watch her smile and giggle during death and destruction stories. Unless the assignment is shopping this girl has no business on-air in Omaha. So WOWT isn't the ONLY station hiring whomever walks in the door.

joeygrisgris said...

I know this is gonna sound racist, without it intending to. There have been a lot of "african-american" oriented radio stations. Perhaps it's time strictly for a tv station to follow suit in omaha. Put the headquarters in the new biz park on 24th and Lake. Station Manager: Mikael Severe'. Anchors: Trina Creighton and Elicitia Hammond. Sports: John Chapman. Weather: Liz Merriman (token). Reporters: Mandingo Bartholamy and Devon Patten. Ernie Chambers doing political commentary. It could work.

Matt_X said...

The best "Action 3" moment of the week" In a story about Jessica O'Grady, the last sentence in the story, uttered by anchor Deb Ward, is Action 3 "News" talked to a guard who sees (suspect) Chris Edwards every day, and says "he cries in his cell every night."

I wonder why the general public has a certain perception of the media.

weatherwoman said...

I really enjoy KXVO "news". I watched the REAL news earlier - this is just for fun.

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