Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hello, I must be going...

We left on vacation in mid-March, thinking that by the time we returned, we would have regained some enthusiasm for writing this little blog. But when we rolled back into town in early April, it took only about five minutes of checking out the local news to prove that we lacked the stomach for this.

So we didn't write. And then didn't write some more.

There are only so many times you can sit through the idiotic droning of Farrah Fazal, the nervous warbling of Brian New, or the pathetic attempts of Sheila Brummer to hide her crossed eye or Jim "Last Word/Gomer" Siedlecki to minimize the lisp that emanates from his Nanny McPhee-like snaggletooth.

(We knew the quality of recent hires was degenerating when we realized that the previously insufferable Elictia Hammond seems pretty decent by comparison.)

Only now are we even mildly interested in resuming our work here, with an especially heavy emphasis on the mild. Henceforth, the output here will be irregular and sporadic at best.

And, for the record: Ted was neither "outed," nor is he Carol Schrader. Give it up, already.
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