Monday, March 06, 2006

WOWT Pulling Anchor Up from Lincoln

Another of our many alert readers tells us that WOWT has chosen KOLN/KGIN weekend anchor Mike Cronemeyer to join Andrea McMaster at the desk on Saturday and Sunday mornings. According to this tip, he'll be on the job by the end of March.

From what we're told, this guy will fit nicely into the Channel Sucks fold. Our reader says that "he manages to speak without opening his mouth and just might be a stiff as Knicely himself." And, the source continues, Cronemeyer appears to be "a master at turning the Lincoln Journal Star's morning headlines into his daily package."


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Well, after reading this blog, I went to the website and found some video of this dullard. He's bland. He's small-town. He's PERFECT for "Channel Sucks News Live" Saturday and Sunday mornings. And he will be the ideal complement to Andrea Disaster and her coma-inducing, monotone delivery.

***A warning to those of you who listen to Channel Sucks on 87.7fm while driving: pull over before tuning in to this newscast. Or stock up on the Red Bull.***

Anyone watching at home or listening without the aid of a stimulant will, no doubt, be lulled into a coma within seconds.

Oh, and pity the poor fool who has their television stuck on News on 1. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

jmsqabq said...

I note the dude is a former baseball player .. translate that to 'he plays a lot of golf.'
Maybe he and Knicely can talk over Channel 6's editorial direction and investigative story ideas whilst trying to beat each other's pea-sized brains out on the golf course.
Now THAT'S a promo!

Obbop said...

Awwwww shucks, Bubbas. The immigrant to the densenst concentration of cultural backwater denizens possesses all that is needed to excel at teleprompter reading.

Just take a peek at those pearly whites!!! Heck, they're whiter and shinier than Bessie's chompers. Every time I hitch her up to plow I give her chompers a good scrubbing and since Bessie quit chawin' on that tobaccer her smile is as white and bright as my pimply buttocks.

With that fluorescent smile the lad should do quite well hereabouts, especially if they assign him important duties such as determining the cheapest grocery prices in the stores involved with that stunt. (do they pay to be included?)

TVGAL said...

I've worked with Mike and he's really pretty good. He's really worked hard to get where he's at.
He's had great ratings in Lincoln, which is one reason they went after him. He grew up Miami, Fl so he's not small town. You guys should really hate him because he's got a great voice, good looks, and a good personality.

Reportard said...

I think Mike was hired because the powers-that-be at Channel 6 saw potential in his eyebrows. Who better to take Mike under his wing than the master of the moving 'brow, John Knicely. I forsee training sessions in front of mirrors, eyebrow calisthenics, and perhaps a weight routine. Good Luck, lincolntvnews...I mean, Mike.

Obbop said...

"You guys should really hate him because he's got a great voice, good looks, and a good personality."

Perhaps..... but I betcha' I got the brighter pimplier white buttocks.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Oh, LINCOLNTVNEWS, don't fret. I'm sure he will do just fine here in Omaha at channel Sucks. And, really, talent does not begat ratings in the Omaha market, anyway. (Viewers here are truly ignorant, shallow and don't mind being spoon-fed buckets of consultant-tested garbage. They eat it up.)

Oh yeah...and, compared to the other male "talent" on WOWT, you're right--he will have comparatively great looks, voice, and personality. But judging from the reports I've watched from Mike on, he IS small-market caliber. (You can grow up in New York City, L.A., or even Miami and still look small-town.) What you must also realize is that Gray Television and WOWT doesn't go after ANYONE for the talent or experience they possess. The ONLY reason he's making the move to the "Big O" is because the price was right. Also, WOWT and Gray are saving a lot of money by letting Courtny Gerrish (truly talented) slip through their fingers. Screw talent! They can replace her with two small-market anchors and still come out ahead. (They still have to get someone to share the desk with Pauly B.) What's minimum wage now? $5.15 per hour? Plus, I'm sure they'll pay a 10-cent shift differential for having to work weekends.

Having said that, I think that, with Mr. Cronemeyer's move, Lincoln is losing one of their better talents. (That's not saying much.) And it's too bad that Gray Television didn't just flip-flop 10-11 and WOWT. It looks like the Lincoln operation is more modernized than Omaha's, anyway.

Local television news used to be about quality. Now, as in the radio business, a few big corporations have gobbled up all the stations and gotten rid of the talent factor. In its place is stream-lined, cost-effective MINDLESS F***ING DRIVEL.

Mediocrity is king!

Obbop said...

Well, ye may be correct regarding "stream-lined, cost-effective MINDLESS F***ING DRIVEL"
but the local "stream-lined, cost-effective MINDLESS F***ING DRIVEL" is chock-full of those warm fuzzy impossible to define....... ready, folks.... let's chant the mantra!!!!!

Our "stream-lined, cost-effective MINDLESS F***ING DRIVEL" is full-to-the-brim with... NEBRASKA VALUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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