Wednesday, March 01, 2006

KPTM Hires Weekend Co-Anchor

In his "Media Notes" column in this week's Reader, Sean Weide reports that that KPTM has hired Scott Patterson from Albany, NY to fill the weekend anchor chair next to the divine Amanda Mueller. Patterson is a grad of Syracuse University and has worked in print journalism as well as several stations in Albany. According to the story, he'll start in the next couple of weeks.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

I just wonder how long Amanda will be in the weekend chair, though? If Tracy J leaves (which I hope she does), Amanda is the most logical choice for the weeknight co-anchor position. And, if that happens, pity the new guy having to sit next to Jo Giles! But then again, we have yet to see Mr. Patterson, so it may be a match made in hell. Knowing KPTM, it will be at least that bad.

And what about over at KMTV? Shouldn't they be working on 1) getting rid of Devon Patton, 2) hiring 2 competent anchors, and 3) filling in the vacant weekend sports chair? come on, Action 3. Don't stop now. You've only just begun to inch ever so slightly toward the #2 spot, which is still miles away.

ggggrrrrrreeeeeaaaattttt said...

what do you have against Devon? I think he does a great job... there are plenty of others at several stations that I would get rid of before Devon. Maybe you just hate him because he's good at his job! I have yet to see him call a prominent business in the region another name or sound like he is just rolling through the punches.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

What do I have against Devon? Well, let's go back to this very blog on Friday, February 10, 2006. This was Ted's entry:

"On Wednesday at 10 p.m., for example, Devon "Lockjaw" Patton reported on a Council Bluffs resident who was understandably a little freaked out by a large number of dead birds on his lawn. Thinking they might have died from the much-reported "avian flu," the poor guy called everyone in the phone book who might be able to tell him what to do. "I tried to reassure him with information I got from the Department of Agriculture," Patton announced, as if that'd help the situation. It looked like something out of an SNL parody."

I saw that report and my jaw dropped at the audacity of a reporter inserting himself into the story. That is SO wrong! But maybe he was just "taking ACTION."

As for being a good anchor...yeah, right. Anchors should be free of distracting speech impediments. I will say, however, that Devon is a snappy dresser. (Much more stylish than his competitor Suzanne Deyo--or any other anchor, for that matter). And I do agree that there are others in this market who should not be on the air. But to say that Devon Patton is "good at his job" is, well, very kind--kind words from a friend, relative or maybe even his truly, hmm?

Perhaps suggesting that KMTV get rid of Devon is a bit extreme. I don't hate him, I just think he's mediocre. I'd rather watch him than superficial, self-loving John Knicely, though. And, unlike the terminally shallow Mr. Knicely, Devon at least has potential to improve his delivery. A few speech lessons and mouth opening exercises will do wonders. So I say to KMTV: invest in Devon. There may be something to salvage. Good Luck DP.

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