Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jim Flowers Drinking Game

Make up your own, using any or all of these phrases:

• for the balance of (honest to god, he actually referred to the "balance of the state" recently)
• let's go topside
• top out at
• head into (or heading into)
• band (or banding)
• nuisance snow
• plowable snow
• polar plunge
• precision

P.S. Early last week, in a pathetic attempt to win back the Edward R. Murrow Award for Hysterical Weather-Guessing from KETV's Bill Randby, Ejacu-Weather Jim predicted two big snowfalls before March 15th. The calendar is ticking.


rivercity_jack said...

I remember one of Flowers favorite winter phrases way back when he was still at channel 7 was "the arctic blast!" Also you must take a drink everytime you see Flowers thumping his knuckles to the beat of the soundtrack at the end of each newscast. It's hilarious.

Morningradiorube said...

We played this back in college strictly with big Jim's severe weather coverage. On break ins of prime time programming, players must drink 1 drink every time Flowers said:
1) Watch
3) County
4) Channel 6

You had to desigante one participant as THE RADAR and when Jim says lets go to THE RADAR everyone got to hit THE RADAR designant once. If he said SUPER DOPPLER 6000 RADAR all participants were required to finish the beer you were currently drinking. Needless to say when the severe weahter got close enough to Omaha to be dangerous most participants were to hammered to go to shelter.

former tv person said...

You forgot one of my all time favorites.........

"Mixed bag"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, pass the Rumplemintz!

Amy said...

This sounds like way too much fun! Great activity for the next party I have...oh wait...

joeygrisgris said...

How about some offshoot parties? Spin the Bredow? Wait, she's dizzy enough. Merriman look alike contest? Nah. Too hidious to even consider. That settles it. Ejacu Weather Party ay Amy's. I'm buying.

dealbreaker said...

I don't think Elizabeth Merriman is hideous, actually I think she's attractive. I enjoy her more than the other weekend meterologists.

John Thomas said...

Now while I think a drinking game around Jim Flowers favorite lines would be fun, I've been thinking of another drinking game to be played. Now this doesn't just have to be played with the local newscasts, it can be played watching quite a few national newscasts as well, although local newscasters seem to use it more often. Now there is a word that I've seen news anchors and reporters use repetitively and very often. Now this has replaced the um's and ahs we still hear occasionally but it is used way too often and almost 100% of the time it is totally unnecessary. Now can you figure out which word I"m talking about?
One recent Saturday morning I wached a local newscast and counted the totally unnecessary use of the word "now" 10 times in just 15 minutes. It could be a fun game but I'm thinking from the frequency that I hear the word "now" used we'd all be smashed by the time the sports came on. Of course, if you're watching Action News 3, being smashed is the best way to watch the Trav.

lincolnviewer said...

If one's inclined to imbibe in the morning, take a sip every time Bredow says in through, as in "It's 47 in through Lincoln, 44 in through Norfolk and 48 in through Grand Island." WTF? Drives me nuts. It might not be 47 all the way through Lincoln.

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