Thursday, March 09, 2006

F.F. Fs-Up Fire Feature

So KETV sends Farah Fazal out to cover a fire story Wednesday night at 10. And she turns in what, for her, is a better-than-usual effort. But it still sucked. We weren't going to mention it, thinking perhaps that we were being too nit-picky.

But then we received an email this morning from an alert reader, citing the very things we considered writing about:

We have been watching with amazement the broadcast news horror that is Farrah Fazal for many weeks now, and the "Fubar" nickname is spot-on!

Did you happen to catch her live report from a fire in Elkhorn last night? She referred several times to the home having 3 "fire detectors", and also a carbon monoxide detector (how that was germane to the story we'll likely never know). FIRE DETECTORS? I'm sure she was thinking of smoke detectors, which causes me to wonder a couple of things:

a) Why doesn't a person in her capacity know the difference and have the ability to convey it?
b) Does she have any in her home, and if so; did she read the box when she purchased them, or did she just wander around Home Depot in an endless search for "fire detectors"?

For the love of God, Channel 7, PLEASE find FUBAR an off-air job. She's even more painful to watch than WOWT's coma-inducing Gary Smollen. If you have any compassion for your viewers (or for the welfare of your news operation), you'll ditch this woman before she embarrasses you even further.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Oh, God...I saw that report. I about laughed my ass off. And you KNOW that, when they went to the taped portion of her report, she was getting an earful from the control room. That's the ONLY reason she corrected herself to say SMOKE DETECTORS after they returned to her LIVE!

But you're right--this was one of her better efforts.

Go, NewsBotch 7 I-Yi-Yi Team!

t#1fan said...

Fubar mentioned the carbon monoxide detector because she mentioned in her story the omaha fire department gives away free fire detectors and they will even come out and install them, so she also mentioned that OFD would like to install the carbon monoxide detectors for free too, but they don't wave the budget for it and need a business to step up and donate. SO I will give her that as it was a nice flow to the story. She also mentioned how in 13 of the last 15 fires, there were no fire detectors or they didn't work.

I actually hope the keep her as the sick twisted side on me likes to listen to her and try to figure out what the heck she's going to butcher next - it is like a United Pacific train wreck.

Frog said...

Thank you. I wondered if anybody would mention this here. Let's hope she is on a probationary period.

Radioactivity said...

Let's see, what kind of off-air job could FF be suited for? Certainly NOT copywriting! My 7-year old son has a better vocab! Probably not suitable for sales. So far she can't even persuade viewers to take her seriously. Not a candidate for PR/Promotions, at least not with a face/voice that could scare small children. Assuming she's got some formal TV training, put her in an editing room or at the assignment desk.
Ah ha! It just hit me! If they ever revive Creature Feature over at 3, she would make a natural (nee, SuperNatural) Bride of San Guinary! There ya go!

bandit75 said...

Hey be nice guys. As a news reader, she makes an excellent house painter.

My guess is she was hired on a dare.

joeygrisgris said...

To her minor defense, Fubar is a product of where society has gone. Mediocrity is the norm rather than the exception, and God forbid you sould tell anyone that they are doing a lousy job. You might hurt their feelings. I have no doubt that there is someone backstage at Channel 7 telling her how wonderful she is. Sad part is....she probably believes it.

Cogitor said...

Bandit, those are some of the funniest comments I've read. Great post.

Even if English is her second (third, fourth, whatever) language, has she spoken so little of it that she's really as unfamiliar as she seems? Anyone delivering news in America to American audiences should be familiar enough with the language to articulate the difference between smoke detectors and fire detectors. First, news operations are supposed to strive for accuracy, even in 2006, and second, this isn't Scola.

But no, that's not it either. Any benefit of the doubt we may have given was forfeited when she repeated the "United Pacific" mantra we all know and love.

Tóózy said...

Dear Blogger, Readers, and any other Jackhole happening upon these proceedings:
Ya know, I'm gonna jump in and defend Farrah (maybe I'm the Devil's Advocate, or maybe I'm just having FUN!) I don't mind if she stumbles on pronunciations of local businesses, or whether or not she knows the difference between a “fire detector” or a “smoke detector”. Actually, the photo detector in a smoke detector looks for a change in the intensity of light transmitted to the receiver; dimmer, that means smoke, ergo, FIRE! (or smolder!, but somethings oxidizing in the premises, so get your ass out of there!) I'm sure your local fire department won't mind if you call it “fire detector.” SHE'S OUT THERE PITCHING! She's giving it the ole' college try (or some such shit.) It's interesting, it keeps me from clicking over to Six. Farrah's not just mailing it in like Julie Cornell. I always appreciate effort over disinterest. There are other, USA born (or home grown for you necks!) reporters on the stations here in town that are not much better at English (or talking American for you necks!)
I'd love to sit down with Farrah, over Tequila Shooters, Rum & Coke, or a million other alcoholic beverages, (but I doubt if that would ever happen (Google Farrah Fazal, and your search results are a get acquainted with Islam meeting in the great state of Montana (this probably resonated with the residents of Montana as a Get Acquainted with Your Enemy meeting!) so I assume she is not one to ever get near a beer bong!) If she ever got loose tongued, it would be one of the best conversations in the history of this area. I would pay to listen if I was not one of the principles. An Islamic women's burden in Omaha just has to be heard.

Spiffy said...

Greetings from Billings, Montana. I was just checking on the "whatever happened to" of former news persons to pass through the airwaves in Billings. I must say that I am not suprised by all that I have read about F.F.

Then again maybe it shouldn't as the station she worked at here (KULR) is THE worst fluff news channel I have ever seen and seem to hire those of the same quality as Farrah or worse. Hopefully her stay there will be a short one.

wink-tv said...

I worked with Farah when she was a newscast producer in Fort Myers, FL. I feel she is probably deserving of the criticism she is getting here. Every TV station has standards and practices and she couldn't comprehend when she was told she couldn't have exactly what she wanted. There are also technical limitation that dictate what can and can't be done. You would explain over and over that what she requested was impossible. Not because we didn't want to do it, but because it was truly impossible. She just couldn't understand that.

She's still a running joke in our station for the few that remember her.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

I feel sooooo protected with Farrah Fazal out there looking out for me. I know she will make sure "United Pacific" keeps on their toes and that we all have "fire detectors" in our homes.

Now tell me again just how Suzanne Deyo protects us???

Gotta luv the I-Team.

joeygrisgris said...

True story....I passed an intersection the other day where Fubar was taping a segment ... wanted so badly just to go up to her, not snotty, and tell her to please consider exploring another profession. But I didn't. Please forgive me, Omaha.

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