Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big Six Weekend Mornings to Get New Faces

Anyone who has seen Sean Weide's Reader "Media Notes" column for this week knows the good news: Andrea McMaster is leaving the station to take a part-time gig with the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

McMaster, who just became a mom last fall, wants to spend more time at home. Her last day is March 31st, which happens to be the first day on the job for new anchor Mike Cronemeyer. Weide also reports that WOWT is searching for a woman to join Cronemeyer at the weekend morning anchor desk, meaning that the station may have a new duo on the air in time for May sweeps.


mTm said...

She is about the only one I like there.. Too bad, gone like Courtney and the KM3 gal(forgot here name).

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Wouldn't it be a hoot if Channel Sucks paired Mike Cronemeyer with Maniko Barthalamy? THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW? THE NEWS YOU...TRUST? It's live, local, late-breaking news...FROM HELL!!!


DiggerDog said...

The female anchor better be as hot if not hotter than Courtney Gerrish.

operationseng said...

Perhaps the big six might actually be worth watching on weekend mornings once again. I've since switched over to KETV as they have a much better product than six sad to say. At least they go out and get the local stories rather than passing the buck to their national news outlets. It gets frustrating watching stories that I've already seen on TODAY or spending several minutes on some insipid happy chat with a reporter covering some dance studio that I could care less about. Get with the program Six, your competition is running circles around you on weekend mornings. Hire a few producers that aren't lazy and anchors that aren't a fine substitute for Ambien.

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