Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Better than FUBAR, But...

We thought it was bad enough when KPTM hired Calvert Collins straight out of college last May. However, it seems that Channel 7 has now sunk to hiring people who aren't even out of college yet, as is the case with reporter Laura Liggett. She graduates from UNL in May.

Granted, she is better than FUBAR Fazal, but that's not exactly a huge bar to leap over, is it?

The Channel 7 website features Little Miss Liggett's bio, and all we can say is, "Wow." To begin with, it's written in first-person. And then there's the content. Here are a few highlights:

• "I've been asked a dozen times if I realize how lucky I am to be working in Omaha so early. My response to that: Yes. Not only do I realize how lucky I am, I have gratitude to match. I truly couldn't orchestrate a better 'first job.'"

The few times we've seen her, she hasn't been able to orchestrate a coherent sentence, so this isn't exactly a revelation.

• My family supports me more then I deserve at times.

Insert your own proofreading rant here.

• I am blessed to have the same three best friends since first grade. They keep me -- well, me.

Now we know who to blame.

• Aside from the most important people in my life, I fill all other down time with church, cartoons or eBay.

Cartoons and eBay? Holy shit. Do you think this is the sort of thing a young Tom Brokaw would put on his bio if he were just starting out today? Raise your hand if you'll ever be able to take seriously anything this woman says.


Cogitor said...

Also: "I learned more in one summer then I imagined possible." She may have learned a lot, but she obviously didn't learn when to use "than" to introduce the second element of a comparison.

Again, any company who purports to be in the business of communication is exposed for what they really are when something of this quality goes out under their banner. They're just phoning it in over there. What a bunch of shit.

omatvwatcher said...

I don't know about you guys, but I get all my best story ideas from Dora the Explorer and my latest EBay score...a pretty sweet Star Trek collectible plate of Scotty!

Omababe said...

>My family supports me more then I
>deserve at times.
>church, cartoons or eBay.

Well, that grammar is typical of eBay listings! :)

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Is it me, or is KMTV beginning to look less mediocre? With KETV's inexplicable downward spiral in talent, and with WOWT's being, well, WOWT, the Action 3 News station is arguably the least asinine in town. If it weren't for the fact that they operate on a staff of 5, and have the most pompous, arrogant excuse for a sports director in town, A3N would be a decent station.

Having said that, KETV NewsBotch 7 takes the cake as being the biggest disappointment. Once upon a time, they were the station to be reckoned with in terms of talent AND product. Now, they're just a bargain basement news operation.

What's next for 7? A weekly report on local grocery sales?

jmsqabq said...

Do any college students who want to be on TV ever read a BOOK?
Maybe she could find a good book to read on EBay. One with lotsa neat pictures.
It all makes me sick.

Obbop said...

The new lassie in town... well, the little imp needs all the help she can get her paws on.

So, my darling little doughnut.... may these words that have helped me through the decades be of assistance to thee:

When in danger or in doubt,

Run in circles scream and shout.

Now, onward through the fog......

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