Thursday, March 02, 2006

And the Downward Spiral Continues

Someone at KETV apparently decided that the station's descent into the gutter wasn't progressing quite fast enough, so who got to fill in for Julie Cornell on Thursday but FUBAR Fazal?!

Not only is her delivery at the anchor desk every bit as bad as when she's reporting, her facial expressions fall somewhere between constipated and terrified. And then there's that voice. Fazal is the only person we've ever heard who ALWAYS sounds as if she's wearing a mike packed in a fistful of cotton.


We've griped about a lot of local talent. Justice. Smollen. Murrell. Collins. Persaud. But none of them can touch FUBAR when it comes to earning our disdain. She displays a combination of incompetence and aesthetic repulsiveness that is perhaps unprecedented in this market. In other words, we can't write enough bad things about her work to adequately convey how much we hate seeing her on our TV screen.

Our biggest question is this: Where the hell was everyone else? What about Brandi Petersen? Or Suzanne Deyo? For God's sake, even Elictia Hammond (Did we really just type that?), Laura Liggett, or the frickin' janitor would be preferable to the doltish FUBAR, whose repeated references to a "United Pacific" train several weeks ago will forever ring in our ears.

KETV can do whatever it wants to try to endow this creature with credibility, but it's not gonna work. No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...


I'd rather have my eyes gouged out with an ice pick and my ears filled with battery acid than have to watch and listen to another disasterous effort by Farrah Fazal.

Poor Rob McCartney. You could almost see him cringe a few times as that hideous, horrendous succubus stumbled through what should be renamed "KETV Newsbotch 7: Dead at Ten." I bet he had a couple of martinis after that!

I have to reluctantly admit that even KXVO 15 News at 10:00 is easier to endure than what was aired on 7 tonight.

Please, Dear God...NO MORE!

Hosh said...

I'm starting to worry about you. I don't want you to have high blood pressure. Maybe you should buy a dish and watch that for a while. Yes, we would all miss the banter, but we want you in for the long haul. We don't want the Grand Poo-bar to be your doing in. Buy a dish. But then send it back before the warranty is up so you can get your money back. And then get back to your "talent" searching on the local stations. That way it will give you a break for a while.

Skid said...

Gotta agree here! Isn't she the same reporter that was on a station back East with the name Sheeza Mann? Hmm...

Chiliball said...

Is KETV owned by the Journal Broadcast group? This would be the only thing that makes sense with their piss poor managment of a once good news program. Perhaps they are owned by journal and they are "tanking" it on purpose to grow rating for KMTV.

Obbop said...


That Ted guy used the "T" word!!!!

Am I corrupted for life now?

Will I grow up and be akin to one of those weirdos spewing and babbling as they try to read the teleprompter?


I'm scared!!!!!

Will people say I remind them of the GW Shrub dude when he stares blankly at stuff nobody sees but him?


If I grow up to be like my hero Travis amd wear the niftiest keenest ties I know I'll be okay.

I wonder if Trav ever uses the "T" word? I betcha' he don't. Trav probably doesn't even say "poo poo" when he stumbles over those really big words such as "sports" when he reads his teleprompter thing.

Mom, can I have a teleprompter for Christmas? I'll be really really good this year and quit trying to look up the teacher's skirt!!!!!

Melanie said...

Why must they shove some Arabian chick down our throats just for Political correctness. She's hideous.

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