Monday, February 13, 2006

You Can't Make Anything Up That's This Good

That'll teach him to make WMD jokes, dammit.

Start your stopwatch now: How long 'til we get the first Aaron Burr reference?

(We know, we know. It's not a local story, and many reporters at Omaha stations have no idea who Aaron Burr even is. But a sitting vice-president only shoots a guy every 202 years; we couldn't help ourselves.)


Luke said...

"Rabbit season!"
"Duck season!"
"Rabbit season!"
"Austin lawyer season! Shoot him!" BLAM!

We've missed ya, Elmer Fudd.

samrocha said...

Nice Cheney hunting post! I agree that this is beyond make-up-able... I got here on a Blog search, I have just posted on this story with the Aaron Burr connection too. Check it out at:

bandit75 said...

VP Cheney is probably regretting taking Hunter's Education from the Ray Charles School of Marksmenship.

"Don't move, he's on your shoulder!" - Dick Cheney

Good thing that giant pansy deferred his way out of Vietnam, think of the damage he could have done with an M16.

photofarm said...

Watching the Washington Press corp ask questions about this incident proves why we can't get new good news talent in Omaha. If the Washington press corp is supposed to be the best in the country, why did they fail so miserably with this story? Reporters are assigned to the VP 24/7, and they didn't realize something was up?

Hosh said...

This would've happend 10 years earlier of Ross Perot would've gotten elected.

omatvwatcher said...

Actually, photofarm, if you had paid attention to the entire story, you'd know that no reporters travel with Cheney. That's kind of the point with yesterday's gaggle. It's another case of how this administration cuts itself off from the public almost entirely. The public, I hope you remember, that employs them. And in this case, I don't think there are any National Security issues to hide behind.

Obbop said...

Send the lad hunting with members of the House of Saud.

Two birds, one stone sorta' thing.

photofarm said...


There are always a few reporters traveling with the VP, if not, the press deserves an F.

Just look at some of the questions, trying to link this with reaction to hurricane Katrina from the federal government? Misleading headlines about a warning ticket issued because Chenney didn't buy a $7 bird stamp that was a new law that took affect January 1 of this year?

All this proves is that the Washington DC press corps is not objective when reporting on politicians. They have different standards for Republicans and Democrats.

Indifferent in Lincoln said...

Just think...if Cheney hadn't had "other priorities" when his time to serve came up, he could've been getting paid to shoot people. Ahh, too bad.

photofarm, you really need to get over that persecution complex you have about how Republicans are covered by the Washington press corps.

theguesswho said...

photofarm-- Sorry, but you are way off on this one. The VP and his staff blew it big time. They should have been open and forthcoming about the White House press secretary urged them to do as soon as he heard about it. Cheney has opened himself up to all sorts of speculation about the incident because of waiting so long. Yes, some of the press asked stupid questions but if Al Gore had shot someone while he was VP there would have been the same type of grilling. Im guessing you're a Fox News watcher.

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