Wednesday, February 01, 2006

'Twas the Night Before Sweeps...

KMTV's switch to "Action 3 News" is underway. This screenshot of the station's new website ( suggests that Journal Broadcasting is serious about at least trying to upgrade the look of 3's product (although having His Toolishness grinning like an idiot on the right-hand side of the class picture isn't helping matters).

Tonight at 10, we get a look at what could be the first major studio upgrade in this market since KETV unveiled its "Newsplex" in 1997. It's about time.


Travs Buddy said...

Upgrade = Downgrade Travis

Travis keep your opinion off the news!!

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said... is now the most visually appealing of the local tv websites. They finally have a respectable (though unoriginal-looking) "3" logo.

Now, we wait to see if KMTV can walk the walk...or at least crawl.

Yeah, I have to agree: too bad they still have "Anus-face" on the team. He must really know where the bodies are buried.

newsperson said...

wow that new set is actually very impressive. i can honestly say i will watch them more now because of it. 7 looks out of date compared to it and 6.

the website also looks better, however, if you really look, there's still no upgrade as far as content (theres maybe 3 local stories on there now and still no video).

but yea way to go on the set and graphics! at times, i'll admit, it did seem a little flashy and over the top (like entertainment tonight) but overall, very nice.

navin_johnson said...

The new "Action News 3" is quite nice. I am suprised to see the station do something dynamic. Now if they'll just stick with it... it's sharp and modern and doesn't look as "local" as the other station graphics and sets etc. Very impressive KM3, oops I mean Action News 3.

Tóózy said...

The website might be pretty, but it isn't much. Just a bunch of RSS headlines from CBS News, and a bunch of Google ads. There's more local content from the snark-fest on this blog than I found on the channel Third website.

Using the Weather Channel for current conditions on the front page is ridiculous. It's either a vote of no confidence for a certain Mr. Ryan McPike, or they don't have an extra $295 for the home meteorology kit with computer interface.

And if they didn't have the $295 for weather, I shouldn't be dissappointed that there was no money to upgrade that badger laying on Greg's head.

Nebraska News Editor said...

New set and web page, but geesh... "Mom Leaves Kids in Bar" as the top of the fold story. Sad.

joeygrisgris said...

That was no badger on Greg's was Punxsutawney Trav.

DarthSchrader said...

Any changes to the set of Channel 3rd, no matter how good, are offset by the retaining of Travis "Butthole" Justice.

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