Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ron Burgundy Lives!

Anyone who wonders if WOWT anchor John Knicely is dumber than paste got additional evidence to consider during Tuesday's 6 p.m. newscast.

After reporter Gary Johnson recapped the media stakeout that filled Nebraska Lottery headquarters most of the day, he noted that eventually, an attorney "retained by the the winner or winners" contacted the lottery office and confirmed that his clients, indeed, possessed the $365 million winning ticket. A soundbite followed, featuring lottery official Tom Johnson saying that lottery staff had verified the ticket with "him" (clearly referring to the attorney). Shortly thereafter, Johnson threw it back to the studio.

Then, with a smugness common to stupid people who they think they've made a brilliant discovery, Knicely said: "Now Gary, Tom Johnson kinda gave something away there when he said they confirmed the winning ticket with 'him,' didn't he?"

Johnson, momentarily startled by Knicely's apparent denseness, fumbled for words and then reiterated that the winners are rumored to be workers at a Lincoln Con-Agra plant. It was a valiant attempt to steer Knicely back to the facts, but the veteran reporter undoubtedly knows what a fruitless effort that is.

What a sad situation that the Big Six has such an empty suit sitting next to Tracy Madden. If the station had any credible competition, we have a feeling that wouldn't be the case.


Cogitor said...

Wasn't that just the best?! I was on the road at the time, so I was listening to the news on the radio, and I'm sure the people driving next to me thought I was an escapee. I teared up so much from laughing that I almost had a hard time seeing. I guess I'll have to listen to something else from now on.

I never thought I'd say this because I met the guy a long time ago (when he was still a sports guy at 7), and he seemed like a nice guy, but -- to use both names like they're so find of at 6 -- Jesus H., John Knicely, you're a freaking idiot!

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

John Knicely is a bug that needs to be squashed. Okay, that's a bit harsh, but he DOES need to be put out to pasture. Maybe he can share a field with Pat Persaud.

I've long wondered if he's had a lobotomy or electric shock therapy. The way his eyebrow is always raised. You know--like a curious puppy.

Could you imagine what it must be like working with such a dolt? His self-importance is only eclipsed by the King-of-Douche-Bags, Jim Flowers. Now there's someone I'd like to see as roadkill! But that's another story.

Two words for Gray Television regarding WOWT's Channel Sucks News: CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!

rivercity_jack said...

YES!!! Clean house!!!! Get rid of that damn "so-in-so reporting live" crap. We know there live!! Also, all anchors need to actually look at the TV screen that we see when talking "live" to one of there reporters instead of looking like they're staring off @ the camera operator & watching him scratch his balls. While we're on the subject, NO MORE "FOR THE HEARTLAND" or any mention of the word "heartland". That vernacular has long outlived it's uslessness.

Jim Flowers
John Knicley
Dave Webber(although I would miss watching him cry when the Huskers lose.) IT WAS NEVER THE CORNCOB WEBBER!
Jim Seidlecky( I can't even spell his damn name)
John Clark(the sorry excuse for a news director)

Get some out of state talent and make some changes quick Channel SUCKS!

rivercity_jack said...

Just for S&G's the person operating the teleprompter should put a question mark after " I'm John Knicley" Just like "I'm Ron Burgundy?"

theguesswho said...

Interesting strategies proposed by several of you. Why would Channel Six clean house when they just had one of their best books ever ? That would really make a lot of sense. Deal with it folks..ratings drive local news and have done so since the late 60's. It's one thing to criticize on-air performance, its another to live a dream world.

Obbop said...

Note the resemblance betwixt GW Busg during his public speaking gigs and Knicely.

They share that dumbfounded appearance reminiscent of Brazilian rainforest tribe members when they first experience modern gadgets.

operationseng said...

I have worked with both John Knicely and Jim Flowers and can attest that both men are very good people. They are not as egotistical as several cooments have insinuated. Does that mean that they are the best Omaha has to offer? No. They should be judged according to their work and not their exceptional personalities. Both are very nice human beings.

rivercity_jack said...

"THATS THE WAY IT"S BEEN SINCE THE LATE '60's" Yeah there ya go, defend mediocrity & lobby against any change what so ever! That's the Omaha way. Thank god for choices like WGN Chicago and national news. Say what you want but the Omaha news market needs some major updates and this is coming from an Omaha native.

theguesswho said...

Rivercity Jack,

I did not imply that change is bad. Im just saying if ratings is the name of the game and you have a big lead in the ratings then you would be foolish to make massive changes. Last time I checked advertisers were not paying out bonus money for taking advice from bloggers.
Funny that you should praise WGN News as an alternative. In Chicago they have traditionally done poorly in the ratings. Their product is maligned by the local media, and outside of their main anchors there is a steady stream of talent bolting to other stations.

rivercity_jack said...

I would just like to know who it is in this city that picks WOWT as their favorite news? Is it the blue-hairs? The soccer-moms? Or both? I don't get why WOWT seems to be the cat's *ss of Omaha television news. It's more like the horse's *ss! Not that KETV,KMTV, or KPTM are perfect either, but I just don't get the love-affair Omaha viewers have with John Knicely & WOWT.

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