Tuesday, February 28, 2006

People We Like

Today's note from yet another alert reader brings news that Z-92's Todd 'n' Tyler were discussing us on their Monday morning show. Our reader also tells us that TnT expressed surprise that we had nice things to say about some of the changes at KMTV because we "hate everything."

While we've noted numerous people and things we like on local TV stations, we'll supply a list of some of our current favorites.

Michelle Bandur (3)
Courtny Gerrish (6)
Molli Graham (3)
Joe Jordan (3)
Gary Johnson (6)
Rebecca Kleeman (6)
Tracy Madden (6)
Malorie Maddox (especially if she'd de-twang her voice and stop deferring to Gomer) (6)
Rob McCartney (7)
Ryan McPike (3)
Amanda Mueller (42)
Mary Nelson (3)
John Oakey (7)
Brandi Petersen (7)
Greg Peterson (3)
Kathy Sarantos-Niver (3)
Mike'l Severe (7)
Mike Sigmond (7)
Dave Webber (6)
Dean Wysocki (3)

So, as you can see, there's no shortage of people whose work we respect. These are the people who suffer most when insipid management decisions leave them doing idiotic stories and working alongside assorted tools and mental defectives.


Joe Swank said...

They were talking about you again this morning Ted. Saying you have a personal vendetta against Tool Justice. Also saying "Anybody in the news business knows Travis Justice is the best sports anchor in town" I found this interesting as isnt that a matter of opinion.

Then I thought, hmmmm even if it was true, that shows the sad state of Omaha's sports reporters. Lets see you have the tool, Webber and his side kicks - the old man and his sons - I hate how they all have a nickname thats basically a derivative of their name Rossie, Chaps, etc. ok then there is Schuetz - cant really say a bad thing about him he is ok, and Matt Schick sp? he is just an espn wanna be trying to put cute phrases on everything, and finally JJ Davis ahhhhhhh well I dont have enough room to go on about that freak.

operationseng said...


Glad to see that you like Dean Wysocki. This man is a class act and a nice talent. I'm very happy for Dean that he landed a gig at 3. What I've heard was done to him at 42 was reprehensible and about par for the course with that particular management. Way to go Dean!!

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Not a bad list at all. I would also add the following:

Ryan McPike (3) The least offensive or repulsive of the four main meteorologists in town. He deserves kudos for toughing it out these past tumultuous years at KMTV.

Jeff Radcliffe (42) Who should flip-flop with JJ Davis as main sports anchor at KPTM. He's professional enough and doesn't act like he does cocaine just before each sportscast (unlike Justice and Davis).

John Campbell (7) Who does a good job at presenting weather (and is also a decent reporter) without over-emphasizing trivial events (unlike Randby and Flowers).

Tóózy said...

IN RE: People We Like
A recurring theme lately is the mourning of the loss of talent here in Omaha: WOWT's Courtney, KM3's Sarahs, the recently dredged up Marti VanDorn, etc. The person I liked, and Omaha lost, was the nationally known stalwart of CNN Headline News, Chuck Roberts. He flew the coop from KMTV in the 80's to be one of the original Headline News anchors. He has been there for what, TWENTY freaking years! So you see, young ones, Channel Third has been screwing up forever. It's institutionalized!
To shift focus, if I were channels 6 or 7, I would look at 3 like a stripper looks at a pimple on her ass, annoying, but ultimately, no effect on income.

AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Ooops. You already had Ryan McPike on your list of "People We Like." My bad.

splog2 said...

?GEEZ,no mention of that so called sports guy on 3. Quick question, is he still there?If so why? Now Mary Williams, she shows she can stay with the trend. Her side kick was a good sports guy before he left and the came back as a news guy.He does OK...tops in my book is Robb that guy from 7, there is no worst in my book, just bad.

Hosh said...

Joe & Ted:
I will argue that the state of sports reporting in town is bad. And there is an argument that Trav is the best. And yes, that is saying that he is the best pile of crap in a cow yard. Joe, you may remember Schuetz's infamous "Jesus, let me know!" hissie fit at the PSU game a few years ago. He is almost as big of a Husker kiss-ass as Channel 6's fantastic foursome.

bkldy said...

What about Todd Andrews and Tom Elser from KETV? They are usually professional and pleasant to listen to......

travia said...

Funny if Trav is the best sports anchor in town why has he only worked at the two lowest rated stations in town(kxvo doesn't count). Also, I believe at one time KPTM was gaining on KMTV after Trav left. It's just sports they only get three minutes a night who cares if they are kissing anyone's ass. Look at any market the Sports anchors are usually homers for the home team. Do you think anyone in Pittsburgh was dogging on the Steelers when they were struggling a few years back?

navin_johnson said...

Mike Sigmond? For real Ted? I prefer his mom. Is she on the payroll at 7 yet?

Obbop said...

Trav is my buddy and I wanna' grow up to be just like him and I really like his ties and if I ever grow whiskers I want a fuzzy mammalian-looking thing growing on my pudgy face and I want a teleprompter just like Trav's and I think Trav is the bestest thing on TV and Trav didn't pay me nuthin' to write this and where can you buy Trav posters and by golly I forgot how to use punctuation so I hope y'all can read this and I wanna' know who cuts Trav's hair so I can get it cut just like his

theguesswho said...


Excellent insights !

juslqqking said...

If T&T think Travis is the best in town, that tells me a lot about them. They are either such suck ups to their corporate bosses, or they have no sense of talent.

To be a good on air personality, you need certain things. One is the coolness and calmness to handle situations that arise during a live broadcast. Something goes wrong during every single newscast. How you handle it determines if the viewer at home notices. Another thing is a soothing voice that emotes confidence without sounding arrogant. And third, you have to have a pleasant personality, or at least some form of it.

I have met Travis before and can honestly say that of those three traits, he possess none.

And after some of the things he has said about other people while on the radio, he sure doesn't seem to care about accuracy, either.

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