Thursday, February 02, 2006

On 15 It's a Farrah Fawcett Wig; On 7 It's Farrah Fazal

While many of us were distracted by the flash and freneticism of Action 3 News, denizens of the Newsplex were cringing at the latest in a series of KETV staff gaffes, this one from newcomer Farrah Fazal.

First some background. Last month, when we noted that Fazal had been hired, we got a great email from an alert reader in the great state of Washington, who had interesting info on Ms Fazal:

Years back, I worked in Billings, Montana when Ms. (or Mr. maybe, squint real hard and she looks like a male Romulan from Star Trek) Fazal worked at KULR-8 NBC as the Weekend News Anchor and was our chief competitor on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you thrive on people who suck... you, my anonymous friend, are in for some new material.

Maybe she got better in St. Louis (I think she was a producer only), but as Butthead once told Beavis, "You can't polish a terd."

She fucked up so much anchoring and reporting that students in the dorms of both Rocky Mountain College and Montana State-Billings (or MSU-B) would play drinking games during the 10 o'clock news in which kids would have to take a shot everytime she fucked up on the air. It didn't take long to get drunk.

We rolled air-checks of our competitors' newscasts and of course had a blooper tape to dub all their mistakes (and to be fair, ours too) on... she got her own tape. AND... who cares about facts? A line made famous by Fazal that was recited in our newsroom for years... "Tonight, Timothy McVeigh sits alone in a jail cell, tomorrow, he'll sit alone in the electric chair." Forget him being executed by lethal injection... not electricity.

So it is with that in mind that we greet several emails this morning detailing what sounds like Fazal's total ineptitude in reporting on last night's fatal train-pedestrian accident.

According to accounts we've received, FF referred to Union Pacific as "United Pacific" at least four times, and during Q&A with the folks back in the Newsplex, stated that no one knew if the person had been walking or "inside a car." One alert readers asks, "Now, this may be graduate level J-School stuff, but would it not be fairly easy to see if there was a crumpled up car sitting by the tracks?" Adding to the FFupiness of the remark is the fact that the anchors led into the story by calling it a fatal train-pedestrian mishap.

To our alert reader in Washington: we can't say you didn't warn us.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

What is going on at NewsWatch 7? Once upon a time, KETV was a station to be reckoned with. My favorite station for news needs an adrenaline hypo in its heart. Somebody call 9-1-1.

Amy said...

Once again, an amusing read. Maybe I should watch the news more often to get my daily dose of laughter in (something I've been lacking lately) Keep it up!

lincolnviewer said...

While she was stumbling along, at one point, I swear I heard her refer to the train as a truck.

Travs Buddy said...

Farrah Fazal is a train wreck! Just think if Farrah and Travis ran into each other......and you think the train wreck last night was bad.

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