Monday, February 13, 2006

Newsbotch 7: Farrah Fazal Fs Up Friday Frozen Freeway Report

The decision-makers at Channel 7 must be slow learners. What else could make them keep dispatching Farrah Fazal to cover live events?

Friday night found Fazal reporting from an exit on I-80 where a fatal accident had just occurred. When the folks in the studio threw it to her, viewers were treated to what sounded like incoherent babbling punctuated by a generous dose of "ums."

We didn't copy down her exact words, but it went something like, "I'm out here and it's umm (pause) icy and umm they've closed the interstate westbound. Umm it's very slick umm and it's snowing and ummm you can see the cars are moving very slowly. Umm we're hearing about the accident umm (pause) and we're umm hearing that there has been umm at least one fatality." PAINFUL to watch.

Um, how many times will viewers umm be subjected to this before KETV umm realizes that this hire just umm isn't working out when it comes to umm reporting?


kingofthestupidpeople said...

It also sounded like she was driving down Dodge with the shudder in her voice. But I've noticed she almost always sounds like that when she is live.

jmsqabq said...

Reading about Farrah's follies is wildly entertaining .. but, unless she sold KETV mgmt. a bill of goods about her abilities, THEY are the ones at fault for putting her in a position to fail and making jackasses out of themselves.
She needs a year of one man bands in North Platte.

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