Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Morning Miscellany

• Super Bowl viewers got an unexpected knock upside the head Sunday when KETV peppered breaks with a seemingly endless supply of promos for something it's calling the "I-Team." Yeesh. (Didn't KMTV have an "I-Team" back in the '90s?) The promos promise that reporters Carol Kloss, Mike Sigmond, Suzanne Deyo, and Farrah Fazal will be digging into "stories that matter" and "keeping you and your family safe."

Okay, where do we start? Kloss, Sigmond, and Deyo have all been around for a few years, and they've all proven that they can report, if not "investigate." But Fazal has only been on the air a couple of weeks and has yet to demostrate that she can even put together a high school video project, let alone a story for a real TV station. How she got hired is mystery enough; why decision-makers at the Newsplex think she's up to this task is positively baffling. Memo to news director Rose Ann Shannon: Cut your losses and tell Fazal to hop the first "United Pacific" train out of town.

• Having spent several months in the wilderness of unemployment, thanks to his decision to interrupt an installment of the sacred "American Idol" to update viewers about some pesky severe weather that was bearing down on the area, former KPTM chief meteorologist Dean Wysocki is said to be starting at KMTV today, filling the vacancy created when Sarah Walters departed for Phoenix in September. It's unclear when he'll show up on-air.

• WOWT is advertising for another anchor/reporter. We're told that the new hire will join Andrea McMaster as co-anchor of the station's weekend morning newscasts, ostensibly to keep up with Channel 7's new weekend morning program.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Regarding Action 3 News weekend team: it's great that Dean Wysocki is joining KMTV, but don't you think they could really use a weekend sports anchor, as well as a co-anchor (or two) to join (or replace) Devon Patton? No doubt, KMTV has a LONG WAY TO GO to gain even a chance to compete with WOWT and KETV.

I really, really miss Sarah Simmons and Sarah Walters. D.C. and Phoenix are lucky to have them.

joeygrisgris said...

When I saw the first promo for the "I" team, I suddenly felt like I was in the scene in the movie Animal House where they are viewing slide of prospective pledges. Inspector Gadget, Sigmund the Midget, eh so so. Deyo the dud...we need the dues. Then....AHHHH AHHHH AHHHHHH (throw stuff at the TV). How could they? Fazal's got to go.

Luke said...

Note to Kloss: A) Don't do that squinty-eyed thing too often. It doesn't make you ... uh, whatever look or emotion you're trying to convey.

B) No closeups on the chicken neck.

C) "We're holding high-powered politicians accountable" sounds about as stupid and canned as you *know* it does.

Will said...

I particularly like the sequences showing the intrepid I Team scaling what looks like a fire escape. Obviously, they'll go to any lengths to track down a lead.


Hosh said...

Maybe there could be an inter-channel team, the S-Team, as in Speech Team. Their motto could be, "Working together to figure out how to talk."

Shelly said...

Devon must go. He's horrible in the anchor spot and even worse in live shots. He gives me a headache. Calm down Devon!

mustang1 said...

Devon really needs help. The weekend is not watchable and his reports must be muted. Who hires these people?

DiggerDog said...

The I Team would be more appropriately named the "A" Team.

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