Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mary Nelson Says "Hell, Let's Just Make Up Some News"

We knew it was bullshit as we watched the story. On Monday, Action 3 News at 5 p.m. led with Mary Nelson reporting live from Lincoln that she had located the winner of the $365 million Powerball lottery. A "rags to riches story" if it's true, anchor Greg Peterson told us as he threw it to Nelson.

She proceeded to show us an extremely hairy man who held forth about what he wanted to do with the money, etc., even though, Nelson noted, Nebraska Lottery officials had told her that there was no sign of this guy on the store's surveillance camera at 3:09 p.m. on Saturday—the time when the winning ticket was purchased.

Inconvenient facts, apparently, weren't going to stop Mary from breathlessly sharing this prankster's cock-and-bull story with viewers.

Is this part of the "Action News" formula? Believe any local yokel who wanders up to a reporter? Whatever happened to fact-checking?

If this is Channel 3's new M.O., we'd better brace ourselves for alien abduction and Bigfoot stories. Next thing you know, they'll be doing stories about mysterious shadows that resemble Abe Lincoln.


dannymccaslin said...

Alan Abel strikes again.

King Vernon said...

Breaking News? WOWT decided that the officials annoucing that the ticket from Lincoln was verified. There is a press confrence tomorrow. How the heck is this breaking news? Know if the president got shot, well. blah-blah-blah.

Virus Human said...

Is this the same guy who fooled Good Morning America and several other news outlets?

Hosh said...

Yes, Virus, it is, which is why I don't think she should be let go over this (or however her supposed departure will be spinned). But really, didn't we all see this coming? They have breaking news every night. In Omaha, that's impossible without having to go a little far out on the limb.
If Ted's "source" proves to be wrong, though, I will chuckle, considering the story we are talking about. If it does prove to be correct, it will be too bad to lose another fine looking reporter.

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