Thursday, February 02, 2006

Like High School, Only with Money

One of our many alert readers tells us that NET—the latest name for Nebraska's public television outlet—was schedule to televise UNL wrestling last week only to have the plug pulled by the UNL athletic department. Their reason? They apparently didn't want Kevin Kugler covering a University of Nebraska event, perhaps due something(s) he said about Nebraska athletics on his AM1620/The Zone radio call-in show.

What we'd really like to know is where this vendetta—if that's truly what it is—originated: tone-deaf Husker Athletic Director Steve Pederson? Paul Aaron, head honcho of Pinnacle Sports, which owns the radio rights to Husker athletics?

Whatever the source, this can't be good for Kugler's chances of continuing his hosting duties on NET's "Big Red Wrap-Up" program next fall, can it?


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

You can't have thin skin and live in Nebraska. Those in the business of collegiate sports--Nebraska's bread and butter--need to be able to accept commentary and move on. Otherwise, they lower themselves to the sub-surface level of our nauseating President Dubya, who is mentally unable to accept criticism from anyone. I know we're a red state, but...c'mon, UNL! Let Kevin Kugler do his job.

nielsen family said...

Doesn't NET realize that they can actually hire another announcer? I always figured that KK must have been working for free, how else would someone this untalented corner all of that work on NET. Maybe he just makes that big $100 donation during the NET fundraising period. If I remember correctly you could choose between the NET totebag, or hosting all of the NET sport shows with a donation over $100. His radio show has always been amateur hour, so I'm not sure how he just now pissed off big Stevie P.

theguesswho said...

C'mon Nielsen, Im guessing you're a wannabe...hoping to get Kevin's job (or perhaps Travis or Matt at the Big590). Kevin is a gifted and versatile sportscaster who does a great job with a variety of assignments. Hes been voted by his peers as Sportscaster of the Year on more than one occasion. If the story about the NU athletic dept. keeping him off the air is true, it is their loss. They (or Paul Aaron) have run off several hosts from the Sports Nightly radio show and replaced them with shills.

travia said...

Thanks for setting nielsen/trav straight on Kugler. If you really want to hear amatuer hour listen to the Jays on the radio on 590 or try watching the Jays on ACTION 3 with the Big Tool screeching through the play by play. I guess the same question can now be put to Journal, don't they realize they can hire a professional play by play person for these jobs?

Joe Swank said...

I agree with Nielsen & Guesswho. Kevin Kugler does an outstanding job. Listen to his UNO Football calls. 1000% better then the condescending Rose. You know where the ball is, what down it is - the game situation,and MOST IMPORTANTLY he doesnt scream on every 2 yard gain by UNO. Of course the downside is you dont have all that impressive info that rose brings, like the high school nicknames of every player.

Without a doubt they should axe Rose from the Huskers and put in Kugler.

Pederson's crap is just lame. Get off the power trip Steve, not everyone drinks your Kool-Aid.

juslqqking said...

Question for Nielsen. If you think Kevin is that bad, who should NETV replace him with? Bill Doleman is ok, but isn't he doing a lot of basketball for ESPN +? Who else is in this market that can do as good as Kevin? We know John "Boring" Baylor isn't up to it. Travis Justice??? Sorry, but no way. And Jim Rose??? Forget it. Besides, he is probably the one behind all this anyway. He is tired of Kevin getting all the Sportscaster of the year awards, so the only way to beat him is to eliminate his air time.

torear said...

Wonder how much of this might have to do with Kugler (and John Bishop, he victim of the giant Pinnacle screw job) is now a hired public face of another University? - Kugler & Bishop are calling Creighton baseball on 1620 this season.

Don't like his radio show, but he's always been a quality PBP guy.

theguesswho said...

I think Kugler's assignment with Creighton may have alot to do with it. He and Bishop will make a good team this spring. I also agree he is HEAD and SHOULDERS above Rose. It is interesting how everyone who works with Rose disappears.

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