Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knicely Extends String of Idiotic Remarks

Perhaps enjoying seeing his name mentioned in these posts and oblivious to the uncomplimentary remarks, WOWT anchor John Knicely on Wednesday's 5 p.m. newscast followed up yet another live report with a totally imbecillic comment.

After Gary Johnson and Rebecca Kleeman rolled tape of remarks by several of the Lincoln factory workers who won the Powerball jackpot, the two veteran reporters threw things back to the studio. Unfortunately, they had included in their footage one winner who was wearing a Husker stocking cap. Guess what caught John's eye.

"I notice that one guy had an 'N' there on his hat," Knicely said to Kleeman, as if this were a conversation starter. Luckily, Kleeman had the good fortune or quick thinking to be able to tell ol' John that she couldn't hear him, which is about the best a reporter can do when confronted with such ham-handed attempts at banter.

Just when you think he has nothing dumb left to offer, Knicely manages to surprise us with the gold mine of vacuuity that lies between his ears.

If WOWT wants to create some really entertaining TV, they should send some of their less skilled reporters out on live shots and let them try to handle the knuckleballs that Knicely chucks their way. We'd love to see Maniko Barthalamy try to fight one of those off, since she can barely hobble through stuff she has ostensibly had time to practice. Now that would be some amusing live television—maybe even better than what Channel 7 could get out of FUBAR Fazal.


jmsqabq said...

I waited 24 hours to see if anyone would post on this .. no one did. And you know why? Because viewers expect John Knicely to be an idiot as in 'Yeah, he's an idiot, but he's OUR idiot.'
So he'll keep saying stupid stuff and grinning like a jack o lantern and people will continue to watch. And John'll keep cashing a big check every two weeks.

rivercity_jack said...

He's not "MY' idiot. He's John Clark's idiot and one good idiot deserves another idiot. It's schmuck's like Knicely that make me want to wear my Cyclones hat just to piss people off around here.

Melanie said...

A slow idiot. A very slow idiot. Slow like WOWT slow.

Obbop said...

Life is like a box of chocolates.

I eat 'em in one sitting.

There's a moral in there.


Gotta' be.


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