Monday, February 20, 2006

Is Channel 3 Onto Something?

Say what you will about Action 3 News, it has certainly shaken things up and made for an interesting February sweeps period.

There is much to scoff at in KMTV's execution of the new format so far, and we've documented at least a couple of instances where the coverage is downright comical. Part of that is a function of having to implement the new strategy using existing staff, a staff which is considerably smaller than those at either WOWT or KETV.

But love it or hate it, credit Channel 3 with at least pumping something new into its own product and into the market in general. The faster-paced script, the reporter involvement, the new set—all these have, at the very least, gotten the attention of KMTV's chief competitiors.

KETV's I-Team is a very transparent attempt to inject a similar sense of "action" into Channel 7's coverage, and highlighting the four members of said "team" seems to be their answer to Action 3's reporter-centric stories.

Even WOWT has been seen trying to duplicate 3's approach to reporter involvement. Sunday night's post-Olympic newscast, for example, found reporter Gary Johnson displaying his own lottery ticket and then tossing it over his shoulder during a piece on the $365 million Powerball ticket sold in Lincoln.

All this raises the question: Why are stations with comfortable leads over KMTV suddenly aping the third-place station's approach? The answer seems pretty clear: they think it's a threat. We don't expect huge short-term changes in the ratings, but it'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of years, particularly if KMTV increases the size and quality of its reporting staff, and ditches the repellent Travis Justice when his contract is up.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful, indeed, if Action 3 News took over the number one spot! I've lived in Omaha since 1999 and have always had a soft spot for this underdog station. From KMTV News 3 to KM3 News to Action 3 News, the station has at least made some attempts to climb out of the gutter. But I think that new owners Journal Broadcast Group is making a concerted effort to move up the ratings ladder.

When I first moved here, KETV was by far the best in terms of quality. Unfortunately, they have made some rather questionable personnel choices, which has lessened greatly the quality of news that is offered. And putting Farrah Fazal on the high-profile I-team is just the latest in blunders.

As for WOWT..."bland, boring, banal" should replace "live, local, late-breaking. Has this station EVER been as good as they self-proclaim? Even KPTM has more real news content than Channel Sucks. Am I right?

Hosh said...

I've finally figured it out.
Every post concerning KMTV contains some amount of Trav-bashing. It gets old. But I've finally figured out why there is such animosity: I'm betting that Ted, at one time or another, applied for a job in sports either at KPTM or KMTV, and got passed over by the Travanator at one or both. Hence the continued bashing. Since Ted can't compete in front of the screen, he's lobbing sheets from behind his computer screen-fort. That's fine. Keep up the good work!

newssportswx said...

Which would you rather watch: a re-write of the same story for five consecutive days (usch as the policeman whose cruiser was in a wreck and he wasn't wearing a seatbelt on Channel 6, OR;
fresh news (even with a few 'bumps' in delivery, as mentioned by another comment). Personally, I choose B - which is Action 3 News. Believe me- their News Director and some new talent they've added will make three a competitor again. Will they beat WOWT out for number one. Not this year, maybe not next. Give the station three years with steady commitment from Journal and they will be #1.

Hosh said...

Um, after reading my last post, it should be "lobbing shots" instead of sheets. With that kind of proofreading, maybe KETV needs a script-writer. I'd fit right in.

juslqqking said...

Not sure if anyone noticed this, but KPTM didn't even show the right Village Inn during their story about the Lottery winner last night. I know it is not a big deal, but when you associate yourself with Fox News, you would think you would try to distance yourself from making all the silly mistakes the Mother Network makes in their news deliverance.

And as far as Action 3 News ever climbing to #1, it would take a major meltdown at 6 and 7 for them to make that kind of climb. They are already close to passing KPTM. But the other two are way out in front.

travia said...

"Every post concerning KMTV contains some amount of Trav-bashing."

I think the reason Trav get's bashed is because he deserves it after 2-3 years of FWIW. I like the new format with him back as Sports Director(although who is he directing, he's the only sports anchor) I haven't noticed his lame takes since they've become Action3 and he moves through the highlights pretty well.
Journal needs to let loose of the purse strings a little on the personnel front and get some capable backups and weekend help.

Obbop said...

You savage beasts lambasting the Mighty Trav are, obviously, simply jealous of one of the all-time GREAT tie picker-outters known to the huddled unwashed masses within the cultural backwater who happen to not be yearning for freedom.

Trav has constantly proven his uncanny ability to select a tie that sets a mood, coordinates with whatever setting he reports from, that doesn't clash with that fuzz clinging to his mug, that assuredly sets young girl's hearts alight with unadulterated passion and primal lust because.....

"Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man."

Lambast my little buddy ye beasts, ye savages, ye unadmirers of one who possesses a remarable ability to don neckwear that shouts out "class."

You the man, Trav.


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