Friday, February 03, 2006

If Diversity Includes the Untalented, Then She's a Double Threat

KETV Newswatch 7 is truly sinking before our eyes. Ont Thursday at 10 p.m., train wreck reporter Farrah Fazal was dispatched to cover the story of the three-year-old who wandered away from home before being picked up by police, who then set about trying to figure out where he belonged.

Fazal, whose voice is somewhat manly and comes with a halting delivery and yet-to-be-identified accent, kept referring to the tyke, named Riley, as "LID-dull RYE-lee," and couldn't seem to make sense for more than a sentence or two at a time. Consider this gem: "Deputies found him about seven blocks away [from his home]. His mother thinks he was only gone about four." WTF?!

It's interesting to note that the KETV website (at least, as of this writing) contains only Carol Kloss' 5 p.m. report.

If, like most employers, KETV has a probationary period during which it can dismiss new hires without cause, it should exercise that option on Fazal, post haste.


AvidOmahaNewsViewer said...

I agree that Ms. Fazal should be taken off the air for her incompetence. But if you applied the same logic, WOWT would have to dismiss at least five of their reporters. Talk about untalented! It is so sad, really, that a market the size of Omaha cannot recruit more talented reporters. And the decent ones we do get on occasion don't seem to stay here for very long. But I guess it all goes back to catering to the lowest common denominator, which is 99% of Channel 6, er I mean, Channel Sucks viewers. Why does the Omaha market have such low standards?

omatvwatcher said...

Tip: if you saw 42's report on Nabity last night, check out their poll on their website asking who you would vote for in the gubenatorial election.

Hosh said...

Speaking of less than accurate, the headline on the WOWT website reads that 5 churches were burned overnight in Alabama, but CNN has 6.

joeygrisgris said...

This from the official KETV bio..."Farrah has received several awards for her work, including three Emmy Awards, recognition from the South Asian Journalists Association, the Society of Professional Journalists, and from the Montana Broadcasters Association for her in-depth and breaking news reporting and producing". Either someone's lying, or I want what they're smoking...and I want it now.

Ted Brockman said...

I'd give her a lifetime Emmy for contributing to the improvement of television news...if she'd promise to never appear on-air again.

jmsqabq said...

To 'joeygrisgis' point .. ANYONE can claim ANYTHING they want (i.e. winning an Emmy)

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