Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Ghost of Talent Exodus Future

Step right up and place your bets on how long 'til this one's outta here: Superb (especially for KPTM) weekend anchor Amanda Mueller is now listed among those searching for a better gig in the Medialine Talent Showcase.

If she could be persuaded to stay in Omaha, we can think of a number of slots where she'd fit quite nicely:
• KMTV's weekend anchor desk, which has an open seat (two if you count the one occupied by Devon Patton);
• KMTV's morning newscast, accompanying or replacing Mary Weeyums;
• WOWT's "Live at 4" (replacing Sheila Brummer) and either the 5 or 6 p.m. slot, to give Tracy Madden a little relief;
• KETV's weekday mornings: get rid of god-awful Elictia Hammond and give John Oakey at least one decent in-studio co-worker;
• Hell, give 'er the KMTV sports director post; they seem to think anyone can do that job.


espnfan said...

Hell...why can't she stay at KPTM, replace Jacim and give Wilson some relief?

jmsqabq said...

Makes for interesting conversation, bit would be surprised if any of those could happen .. even a news op as lame as 42 probably has a no compete in her contract.
Remember, the goal for 90% of the talking heads you watch is to get experience and GET OUT of Omaha.

comment said...

Now I've heard everything. A tv market webmaster who thinks twangy-dang-dang country bumpkin Amanda is "superb" speaks volumes about how small-time this area really is.

Go back to your Council-tucky shack, "Ted", and keep dreaming about your 9 o'clock mistress and leave the talent decision making up to the professionals.

ego_bruiser said...

Good for Mueller for wanting to move on.. she would be insane to stay in Omaha. She deserves a station that is more her caliber.
Her presence would definately be missed.

Flim Jowers said...

>...and leave the talent decision making up to the professionals.

professionals who so far has given our market such wonderful talent as Farrah Fazal, Kayla Thomas, Gary Smollen, Jim Siedlecki, do I need to keep going? ok, one more: Jana Murrell...!

The SAME professionals who let folks like Sarah Simmons, Sarah Walters, & Courtney Garrish slip away.

I'll trust said professionals to talent hiring when they hire & retain good talent.

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